Insistence by Maude Larke

Dad said it was better. He didn’t explain why. He never did. But since he was the one going through the bother, Elaine stopped arguing.

The hole he cut in the garden shed wall was big enough for the cat, but too small for the beavers that could wander up from the marsh. The old rubber mudflap that he nailed to the inside curled away just enough so that Starbright could push her nose under and lift it. When he pulled the cardboard box lined with old towels out from under the folded ping-pong table in the garage, he made sure that Starbright was watching.

“See, Starbright? I haven’t touched your kittens. I’m just moving them.”

He walked purposefully out of the back garage door to the garden shed. Starbright walked purposefully behind him. Elaine followed, sulking.

Later Elaine went into the garage to get an ice cream from the freezer. In through the back garage door came Starbright with a ball of orange fluff dangling from her jaws. She stared at Elaine with hard gold eyes, then plopped the fluffball down under the ping-pong table next to two others that were mewling on the concrete.


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2 responses to “Insistence by Maude Larke

  1. You can’t keep a good mother (cat) down. There is an irresistible sweetness to this little flash. The nature elements, the shed, are lovely.

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