Memories of Home by Susan Gibb

When Mary Brevins died, she took the memory of the sun with her. It wasn’t as big a problem as the engineers had thought since light had been established in all but the most remote sections of the earth and even several light-lanes spanning the major oceans had been completed.

For Joyce Fields, however, it was a major event, for now it placed her in the position of having the last living memory of the sun. The officials came to pick her up before she could get away.

“What do you mean, grass and trees and even buildings change color during the day, or if there were what you call clouds to dissipate the light?”

“Why wouldn’t your sun prevent the snow?”

“Change the color of your skin? Impossible!”

“Okay, so show us which hill it hid behind at night.”

Finally they let her go. Convinced she was simply an old woman in the early stages of dementia. They laughed as they reread the things she claimed were true when she was young before all the technology took over simple functions.

Back home, Joyce Fields sat down in her favorite chair. She hadn’t known Mary Brevins but she felt the loss. She closed her eyes and as she always did, brought up her favorite memories. She recalled a morning when she went fishing with her dad and brother. The way the sun came up and colored the small pond like a paintbrush dipped in water.


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10 responses to “Memories of Home by Susan Gibb

  1. Tom Allman

    Very Intriguing! Who knows what the future may bring. Thank You for Sharing.

  2. Chilling and morbidly fascinating… Brrrrr!
    I love the ending.

  3. Lou

    Yes, chilling but beautifully so.

  4. Thanks, folks. I rarely go apocalyptic but this was where it went!

  5. Great story – I love the last line in particular. It makes you see what was lost.

  6. Nicolette Wong

    Very intriguing indeed. Love those floating thoughts.

  7. This has a real ‘Giver’ vibe to it. The literal aspect mass me happy, though I’m not sure why. :)

  8. Alexandra Pereira

    Yes, very intriguing story, Susan. Beautiful last line! :-)

  9. Brilliant in concept and gorgeously written!

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