The Inheritance by Derin Attwood

They were modest old ladies, maiden sisters who had always lived together in their Papa’s old house. Neither married, although there was a whisper of gossip about the younger and prettier sister. Their long dresses were buttoned at the neck and covered many petticoats. They were the epitome of Victorian proper manners.

I had tea with them every four months from when I was first able to hold a tea cup. From the demurely dressed teapot to the lace covered plates and saucers, everything was hidden. Even the tables had voluminous pantaloons peeping demurely from beneath long ruffled tablecloths. The conversation omitted mention of male – men, boys, stallions, bulls, stags and rams were banned from the discussion – difficult in a country area.

Their deaths meant little to me, until I was told I had inherited their house. I threw open the drapes that kept the rooms in deathly dimness. I took the furnishings down to be washed, a needed spring clean.

Is it possible to be shocked by table legs? They were pornographically carved, phallic structures standing proud and showing signs of much use.

How they must have laughed at their visitors – so prim and proper – with penises under the tablecloth.


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3 responses to “The Inheritance by Derin Attwood

  1. Well you shocked me! Really good story with a very original ending!

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