No. 66 West by Guy Yasko

I am accustomed to sheriff’s deputies, Jehovah’s witnesses and
partiers looking for 66 East.

This caller is different:

— Do you mind if I have a look around? My happiest days were in this
apartment. It had such positive energy for me. Didn’t you ever wonder
about this doorknob? I put it on. Don’t you love it?

I let her in. Her voice echoes off bare walls. There is nothing but
apartment, me and her.


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5 responses to “No. 66 West by Guy Yasko

  1. An interesting intersection of the lives of two strangers.

  2. guy

    Thanks for the read & feedback, ganymeder.

  3. “… apartment, me and her.”
    and then what?
    you left it hanging in a most compelling way.
    Like this a lot!

  4. guy

    Thank you, Susan T.

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