Isolation by Georgina Kamsika

Yesterday, a stray dog had wandered through the aisle – everyone smiled. When I followed on its heels, people frowned and turned away. A little boy made a retching noise before his mother shook him to be quiet.

Today, the bodily contact was more physical contact than I’d had in weeks, months. Yet the guy leaned into the aisle as far away from me as possible, his mouth gaping in a rictus.

It’s not my fault, it’s not even communicable.


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7 responses to “Isolation by Georgina Kamsika

  1. So much here in so few words. A homeless dog is thought cute, but not a homeless human. Wow.

  2. Simple and sad reality; well done.

  3. Khalym

    OK. The amount of times I’ve returned to this is unhealthy. After every read I fall more and more in love with it.

  4. Andy

    It’s amazing what can be invoked in a few choice words. Very well done.

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  7. BetaReject

    Wow that is heartbreaking and so poignant I love how you’ve captured the choking sense of loneliness and desolation here without every forcing it. AS well was the piercing edge of judgement. certainly leaves you with food for thought!

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