Owl by Susan Tepper

All night until the owl starts braying they play Monopoly. Rudy wins Park Place and Boardwalk over and over like a mafia don. I am so tired. I just hang on the wicker couch in the porch. They play on in the living room under the dim chandelier until the owl. Porky counts six from the owl. He says it’s over and flips the board. Rudy punches him and my sister Alma shrieks. My cousin Blink says shut up! shut up! I want to sleep in the woodshed but the vicious dog from next door hunts rabbits in there. He could be in there right now snooping. All the bedrooms are occupied by elder folk. We kids are supposed to sleep with blankets on the floor. I won’t. Bugs creep along the floor at night. Mice sometimes. I will stay on this stinking wicker couch until my back breaks in half and everyone notices I am two parts.


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10 responses to “Owl by Susan Tepper

  1. This has that great sense of resentment and absurdity of the mind of a child–I just love it!

  2. John Riley

    Wow. Great story. The big bang is building. How do you can get so much compressed into such a short space? I’ll me reading this a few more times.

  3. Outstanding as always, Susan! You get that kid’s voice so well and inside the head! That last line is excellent!!!

  4. I think you really are about 8 years old and wearing your mom’s clothes and make-up for pretend ;^)

    Great tight story, love her stubborness. Peace…

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