Unintended by Darryl Price

The wash of something blue into the red of something
momentarily melting and beautiful but not for long. The promise
of a living blackness to come. Black that will darken
every doorstep, conceal but not restrict every attempt at dancing.

The movement of all living things rushing together towards another
chance to see another day through to its flashpoint. Forgotten
starfish crawling into each other’s history,making starfish history keep
with the times, with its arms, or are they all

legs?But not alone. Never alone.No. All things continue
to consume the universe and the universe continues to regenerate
itself through the daily cannIbalism like a coat of many
colors turned insideout. You can easily wear it either way

and it becomes the season you are in.Consequences happen
so fast that your reaction time seems like a joke
in comparison. You might die tonight. The notices will all
have mouths of their own, teeth stuck in your dreams.


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5 responses to “Unintended by Darryl Price

  1. Interesting. I was confused at first but great poem.

  2. “teeth stuck in your dreams” — great metaphor, Darryl. Lots of movement and questions in this piece and much to think about.

  3. I am knocked out by this poem.

  4. love this, darryl. great wordplay, all the words undulating with some tremendous provocative stuff. nice to read you, friend, and peace…

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