Auto by John Riley

You alone?
Not my fault.
Where’s your mom?
Did you get the wallet I sent you?
The one with the cowboy on it?
I made it in the leather shop.
No one cares about cowboys.
Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
Bow wow.
I got out last week.
You heading our way?
That was the plan.
What stopped you?
’57 Thunderbird. Creamy white. It was cherry.
Sounds yummy.
It should have been locked up.
People are fools.
It wasn’t my fault.
There you go.
It was cherry.


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7 responses to “Auto by John Riley

  1. Really like the way you’ve revealed the characters and their stories via the dialogue. Well done, John.

  2. You nailed the dialogue in this perfectly, as well as the plot. And all without dialogue tags! *claps*

  3. Grant Farley

    Yes, for a ’57 Thunderbird, anything. Brilliant dialog, too.

  4. Great story. Great dialogue. Peace…

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