Marr4 by Kim Pollard

Marr4 was somewhat of a happy accident. I was contacted by the former owner of a local ranch that has fallen into disrepair. He asked that I take photos of a collapsed barn on the property that was once cherished by his family, I was given permission by the current property owners to traipse around and take some photos of the barn and yard. The fallen and decaying building was so pretty and sad at the same time. I got some great shots and ended up feeling almost as nostalgic as the former owner and his family after they viewed the photos.


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3 responses to “Marr4 by Kim Pollard

  1. The sepia tone was a stroke of brilliance! I love how the barn rises in the center of your piece, as if on hope.

  2. This is an amazing photo, a strikingly beautiful wreck that seems to grow up out of the land. Thanks for sharing it with the stories!

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