Gingerbread by Catherine Russell

Grandma always let me mix the batter. I was at that age when boys were icky and the only males I liked were composed of gingerbread. Daddy didn’t count because he ranked above the others of his sex.

Every so often Grandma would come over to hem and haw over the smoothness of the mixture until the consistency was just right. Then she showed me how to roll the dough onto wax paper with long, smooth strokes of the battered wooden rollingpin. Dented cookie cutters helped me to make shapes – Christmas trees, ornaments, candy canes, circles and stars – but my favorites were always the gingerbread men.

We’d shove them in the oven, and I’d pretend I was the wicked witch trying to bake Hansel and Gretel. When the sweets were done, I’d put them on paper to cool. Later that day, when Mom would get home, we’d sit around the table – three generations of women – and bite their heads off one by one.


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26 responses to “Gingerbread by Catherine Russell

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  2. I’d say “sweet!” — just so you know, I’m not punning! Will miss your #FridayFlash work, but looking forward to reading your other work.

  3. Perfect setting up of the tone and mood of the story, and the ending had been hinted at so it’s totally enjoyable! Nice work, Catherine.

  4. I love the ending! I don’t think you can have a gingerbread man and NOT bite the head off first.

  5. Sam Adamson

    Great story and a prefect ending! I’m with Icy on this, many a gingerbread man was decapitated in just such a fashion in my youth.

  6. Tom Allman

    Boys are icky! Thank you for sharing your muse with us. Thank you for suggesting that I post here. I have learned alot!

  7. Great approach to the theme, and nice job of tapping into a common memory. I, too, loved biting off the heads of gingermen!

  8. That’s the way to eat gingerbread men! Lovely, sweet story

  9. len kuntz

    yes, perfect ending.

  10. Loved this story, Cathy! You give a creepy tone at the end of such lovely family gathering, giving this story an interesting twist. Very cool.

  11. Michelle

    this was a fun read, Cathy! I too love the ending – perfect! Thanks for everything this year. Congratulations on writing 52 stories in 52 weeks! WOW!!!

  12. Thank you, everyone. It’s been a pleasure working with you all, and I’ll miss the weekly challenge.

  13. John Riley

    A moving remembrance without being sentimental and with a great little twist at the end. Well done.

  14. Congrats on finishing the 52/250 challenge – it’s really quite an accomplishment. Your writing has really blossomed during this time – this is a lovely piece :-)

  15. claireking9

    This gave me a great big smile, Catherine, not least because my 5 year old said just the other day that all boys and men are rubbish. And then went on to except Daddy, Grandpa, Uncle Nick etc!
    I bite the arms and legs off first. Then the head. You don’t need to know that I guess!

  16. Excellent – nicely homely, short and sweet tale, just like ht egingerbreads themselves – thanks for sharing

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  18. wonderful description and i LOVE the ending. i am a great fan of ancestral connections and also of hansel and gretel.

  19. Ah there is no better ending than yours here …

  20. What a great ending and congrats for the 52 in 52!!! I have really enjoyed sharing this collective with you. It’s been an honor. Best to you always, my writing pal!

  21. laradunning

    Yum, gingerbread men, my Christmas cookie fav. This made me want to make some now. :)

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  23. I love the end of this one. Perfect!

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