for all the light that was born by Piet Nieuwland

for all the light that was born in your eyes
this page opens

on it falls the anticyclonic day,
and a night sky of silky blues

on it falls the vision of a platinum moon,
its blazing stare swallowing paths of moving shadows

in the ocean upon which it swims,
waves of a tropical artery flower splashes of marlin

in the passage of these islands through their naming,
the language of fire sings from the ridges, the pa

crossing our voices,
a silicon bird surfs the magnetic fields of cool, still air,
tasting seeds of wind

from the silence of stars,
an armada of glass palaces fuse,
into a cathedral of whispering eyes

and the space we occupy fills,
with a rosary of vines


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5 responses to “for all the light that was born by Piet Nieuwland

  1. len kuntz

    very pretty writing. nice job.

  2. Michelle

    Your poetry is always so packed, Piet. This one does not disappoint. Thanks for bringing your images to the challenge!

  3. Gorgeous and lovely, strong images. Nicely woven together.

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