Jacks or Better by Michael J. Solender

The impish beauty smiled at Jason just so.

He’d seen that gaze from her many times, but tonight the look was confident — omniscient, he thought — that she would be his. He caressed her and guided her closely into his hands.

His buddies were eying him with puzzled looks. They couldn’t quite make out if he was confident or merely blinded. He’d had this look before and was never treated very well.

Her sister, equally stunning, appeared out of nowhere, and before he knew it, they conspired willingly to play.

When sister number three appeared in the very next moment, his greatest fantasy was unfolding before his very eyes.

In one daring move he went for broke.

Watching closely, his golf buddy Charley couldn’t help himself. He put down a wager that Jason wouldn’t have his way tonight.

“Trip queens,” Jason said as he laid down his hand.

“Boat,” Charley said softly, laying down threes over deuces, “Sorry.”

Jason tossed the three ladies into the muck.

“Bitches, all of ‘em.” He poured himself a drink and dealt the next hand.


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11 responses to “Jacks or Better by Michael J. Solender

  1. What a great way you’ve handled this, Michael! Well done!

  2. Veddy interesting indeed! The brutal ending is quite wonderful.

  3. len kuntz

    very clever. great control over this piece.

  4. Michelle

    This made me laugh, Michael. Lots of hidden things going on there. Or maybe not – maybe just some guys sitting around a card table… Enjoyed it either way!

  5. very clever, so many possible layers here. peace…

  6. great play with double meanings. enjoyed :)

  7. Nice twist and great ending!

  8. Oh you had ’til the very end … card references usually go over my head!

  9. I meant ‘you had me’ …

  10. Nice work, Michael. So nice to share this experience with you. I know I’ll see your work at Ficionaut and other venues, zines, etc.

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