Couple Two-Three by Susan Gibb

My therapist has helped me so much over the past almost nine years I’ve been going to see her. I went at my husband’s suggestion that my extraordinary fear of caterpillars was something that could perhaps be overcome if I understood the seed that had been planted somewhere in my childhood.

I sort of knew where it started; I was eight and my brother, two years older, told me he dropped one down my back. I screamed and hollered and ran around until he admitted he hadn’t and I calmed down. That night getting undressed, I found the big greenish-brown squish stain in the back of my shirt. The doctor was thrilled at this found memory. He felt it had to have been an absolutely traumatizing event that stayed with me. I didn’t think it affected my sex life but Dr. Johnson insisted it did.

“Way beyond fear of real caterpillars,” he said, “it nurtured a distrust of anything caterpillar in form.”

“Huh?” I said.

So that’s why he’s sitting over there in the corner of our bedroom, watching. I wasn’t crazy about the idea but the doctor and my husband agreed it might help if at that moment of giving way to the ecstasy we all shout “Caterpillar!” together as one loud voice.

It didn’t work, at least as far as I’m concerned, but my husband and Dr. Johnson seem pleased.


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15 responses to “Couple Two-Three by Susan Gibb

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha – how I wished this had been my story, Susan. The ultimate compliment. And I could not have written it better myself. Thank you for some absurd and pointed, poignant fun!

  2. OMG, that’s hilarious. :D

  3. Heh-heh. Well, I took the prompt literally.

  4. The caterpillar complex!!! Totally cracked up!!! And yelling together as a group! This was stellar, Susan!!! Love, love it!!!!

  5. Thank you! I just noticed a huge oopsie that came from letting the story sit for a week until inspiration picked it up and finished it. I changed the gender of the therapist after the first paragraph!

  6. len kuntz

    this is fabulous. so quirky and sly, with all these undertones of darkness and emotion. great job susan.

  7. Michelle

    sometimes you are really twisted, sister! this one cracked me up, and made me cringe just a little: good combination!

  8. guy

    More freaked out by a caterpillar than a threesome? That’s kinky for you.

    When the hinge on the closet door began to move like a caterpillar, i knew i was hallucinating.

  9. caterpiggles of laughter!! OMG..

  10. snort.
    brilliant. complex about all things caterpillar.
    i will miss your gorgeous words and honest wit here, but will make a point of finding them elsewhere. peace…

  11. great mix of emotions and irony. made me think of the line that in NY, couples usually are 4 when in bed: him, her, his therapist, her therapist.. :)

  12. Ha ha ha! That’s so funny, and the climax is wonderful! Brilliant, Susan, thank you!

  13. I loved this, laughed aloud. I really value what I have gotten from your work this entire 52 weeks. I will miss that weekly Susan check-in, and reading your amazing, brilliant stories. Keep up this great momentum!

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