Bedposts by Nicolette Wong

He runs his fingers down the swollen scraps on her skin, circling the dried blood on her arms and thighs. Then he kneels on the floor and opens her legs to see that flaming morsel, ravished by his girlfriend’s fury after he exited the mockery of their threesome. Sitting on the edge of the bed she looks smaller than she really is, a woman of long, slender bones and composure.

‘I never thought Flora would do this,’ he says, kissing the cuts on her thighs. ‘She smiled when I asked her.’

‘It was me who asked, in the first place.’

‘She said she missed girls.’

‘I asked because I missed you,’ she lifts his head to push him away.

In the heat of his lovers’ kisses, finger-fucking and penetration, he had fondled those small and perky breasts of his ex-girlfriend’s for as long as it took her to trust, to stay still so that he could tie her hands to the bedposts. The moment she looked at him in a haze, Flora took over and seized her with a smothering kiss. The passion was such a perfect drape for the women; there was no place for him and Flora should have this beauty to herself, as she wanted to.
‘What did you tell Flora about me before last night?’

‘That you’re the woman I once wanted to marry. Until you left me.’

‘And you don’t want to marry her,’ she says and closes her eyes.


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9 responses to “Bedposts by Nicolette Wong

  1. That last line tells the whole story of this threesome. Well done, Nicolette.

  2. len kuntz

    this was very powerful and brave. i read it three times. loved the last lines and this: “a perfect drape for the women.”
    really great job, nicolette.

  3. Michelle

    Jeez, Nicolette. This one leaves me reeling. A lot packed into this tight threesome. Such pain and emotion. Brutally good.

  4. I like everything about this … except that one word: perky.

  5. “long slender bones and composure”
    perfect, perfect

  6. wiredwriter

    Most amazing, Nicolette, but you already know that.

  7. This is so you, so great! I loved it. Keep experimenting as you do with form, and words, and content. You’re at your best when you take risks. I really enjoyed your work here!

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