All three of them by Chelsea Biondolillo, Chad Smith andamp; Jeff Questad

He hated dirty thrift stores. It felt like a coating of slime had engulfed his body. It was nasty in there, but he was on a mission. She had given him specific instructions. No cheating. Bring three items purchased from a thrift store. He was getting excited as he headed down the aisle. He had never participated in this sort of thing before. He took the ski goggles, red rain boots, and ceramic Easter bunny statuette to the register. He would wash his hands later.

What would she do with/to him when she saw how well he followed the rules? He daydreamed (would he wear the boots, would the statue be a prize?) right past the strange car in her driveway. As he lifted a hand to ring the bell, a masculine WHOOP came from inside, followed by her guffaw. He froze, his hand tightening around the bag, regretting that the goggles weren’t something more useful against this intruder upon their special evening, like a tomahawk.

The raised bed adjacent to the door was gone to seed. There was a tipped pail spilling old hand tools. Sliding commando style along the wall, he took up a rusty three pronged implement that communicated seriousness. Under a window now, he leaped up.

She was reclined, casually undressed. He’d never noticed how blood gathered at the top of her cheeks when she’d been laughing. Her smile was lurid with hope. He folded and sank down.

She’d never been so beautiful.


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6 responses to “All three of them by Chelsea Biondolillo, Chad Smith andamp; Jeff Questad

  1. In honor of th theme, Chad and Jeff and I wrote this exquisite corpse style. Chad got us started with the first 80-ish words, then sent then to me. I wrote the middle and sent only my piece to Jeff. He wrote the last section.

    Neither Chad nor Jeff have seen the final piece all stitched together until now, or have in fact ever met. Best virtual threesome ever!

  2. Hey it turned out pretty cool. Fun experiment. We need at least 250 more words to get this threesome consummated though.

  3. len kuntz

    great job guys! what a fun idea. very evocative piece.
    “her smile was lurid with hope.” was my favorite bit.

  4. Michelle

    Wonderful wonderful work here! Thanks too all three of you for your sense of adventure and experimentation. This turned out beautifully!

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