The Sisters by Karla Valenti

The three of them stood at the corner, the rain slowly melting their umbrellas. A red umbrella, a yellow umbrella and a green-and-white striped umbrella, drippity-dripping into a puddle at their feet. The littlest one poked the tip of her shoe into the swirl of colors dancing on the sidewalk before her and soon there was nothing left of their umbrellas. Then the rain started on their hooded jackets, three bright pink jackets all in a row drippety-dripping as the color puddle beneath them grew. Small rivulets of what used to be their umbrellas sped away towards the drain, its black mouth gaping wide at the end of the street. The streaks of pink jacket followed closely behind. Then, they were left standing in nothing but their summer dresses: one red dress, one yellow dress and one green-and-white striped dress. The rain soon washed those away and the drain greedily gobbled them up. And that was when the sun decided to make an appearance, turning its golden glory upon that threesome standing at the corner, strong, confident and beautiful in their naked skin.


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14 responses to “The Sisters by Karla Valenti

  1. I love this; so creative, so loaded with imagery, so skillfully written.

  2. Very visual, indeed… I could see it done up brilliantly as cut paper stop action animation, with a voice-over of the story. Makes me wish for rain!

  3. len kuntz

    so colorful. loved the rhyming feel “rain” “drain” and drippety-dripping.

  4. Michelle

    There is something so simple on the surface of this piece, Karla, but after reading it several times, I feel it sinking in and staying with me. Really love the color and images, the depth underneath.

  5. John Riley

    Great imagery. Vivid.

  6. I’m not quite sure how to take this story, so simple and yet so visual. Beautifully told.

  7. This is one of those stories that will stick with me as a vivid image. Very neatly drawn.

  8. exquisite. reminded me of thisphoto. love the love for detail here.

  9. wonderful imagery, and a sweet cadence. peace…

  10. narrative pacing and voice in this just right…something soothing and peaceful about it, like a spring rain lifting things anew

  11. K

    Thank you everyone for such kind words of support!

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