No Contest by Vaughan Gunson

we eye each other up on the beach,
a stand-off at fifty paces (or
some twenty years): Perk n’ Proud
            versus Slightly Saggy.
I fall back, your round.

we catch each other’s eye again
as I stagger bent & small
carrying four towels, three surfboards,
            two buckets, & one ball.
your legs stand further apart
like a tripod, surveying the crowd.

we dare to eye each other’s girl.
one wears a bikini, the other
a very practical beach top.
you think you’ve done me again,
but I know I’m in the game.

leaving, we look each other’s way,
as you lower yourself, shirt off,
into the seat of your car
& I wearily climb up into mine.
both proud, a glint of respect.

I think of you once more tonight
after making love, better
than it was twenty years ago.
there’s no pride, no envy,
just maybe the hard firm control
            of wisdom growing.


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3 responses to “No Contest by Vaughan Gunson

  1. len kuntz

    this seemed very real, like non-fiction. it’s probably happened a million times. good job and capturing it.

  2. Loved this, Robert!!!!

  3. Vaughan Gunson

    Not by Robert Vaughan, rather Vaughan Gunson. But thanks Meg.

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