Threesome by Darryl Price

You made a fist, instead of a hand.
Sent mortal missiles. Instead of a
Cool cup. So many missed the meaning.

They couldn’t relate their own heads, hearts
Or feet to the perfection you asked
For.You took everything,but called us

Thieves. There was no other way to die
Except badly and by your side. Now
I’ve returned with poems to quench them.


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12 responses to “Threesome by Darryl Price

  1. Well done, Darryl. I see the characters in the trauma as the dust settles.

  2. Very powerful language, and a strong visual. “You took everything , but called us / Thieves” — love this!

  3. Spectacular and strong poem, so to-the-point but yet the lyricisim remains.

  4. len kuntz

    terrific. a winner.

  5. Michelle

    wow, DP. Always so much packed into your poems. That opening line — a fist instead of a hand — sets the stage here. This poem really moves me, each and every line.

  6. John Riley

    “Or feet to the perfection you asked” Great line. Powerful poem.

  7. > with poems to quench them <
    Nicely done.

  8. reminds me of a greek oracle. excellent throw of three dice.

  9. powerful stuff. the beginning and the ending perfect frames, and the three stanzas echo the sentiment. peace…

  10. As someone who is not a poet, your poems always impress me. You make it look so effortless!

  11. I love everything DP. For-ever.

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