Dreamcatchers by Marcus Speh

Two writers sat down for a meal, carefully avoiding any talk of their art. They shared stories of their wives and children, of cars to let loose on the fast lane, of tech gadgets to play with as only boys play, exploring all keys and functions. They mentioned their fathers in passing and how similar they had become to them. They had a laugh, and when the pretty waitress with the blond hair bun and the wide swinging hips appeared at their table, they flirted a little in tandem, kicking gallantries back and forth until the maiden culled one and appointed a winner of their innocent game, which made their three hearts beat faster for a bit and the food that showed up on their table the better. All the while, as they were enjoying a full glass of friendship, they were secretly spinning yarns like giddy spiders. When they parted, with a manly handshake and a hug for the road, each had a good tale to tell.


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21 responses to “Dreamcatchers by Marcus Speh

  1. Such a wonderful story of how stories emerge–from truth and lies and friendships and new connections! I love your characters. Well done, Marcus.

  2. giddy spiders! yes! I can picture these two well, and hope that at least one of the stories they spun was juicy and the other, noble.

  3. Tres masculine, Monsieur Speh. You captured those guys at play so well!

  4. len kuntz

    fun, full language as always, marcus.

  5. Michelle

    and you, my friend, always have a good tale to tell. thanks for this piece — short yet so full.

  6. Excellent, Marcus. A manly piece for all male writing chums. Your vignette about camaraderie, kibitzing, and secret story spinning is a pleasure to read.

  7. Love the way you see things (and tell them), Marcus.

  8. John Riley

    Love the giddy spiders in such a realistic tale. Great control of the POV.

  9. Omg, what a perfect scene. Great story.

  10. Oh I love it, Marcus! The dynamic is brilliant and ‘spinning yards like giddy spiders’ is perfection.

  11. so matter-of-fact-like, the nonchalance is part of the charm and warmth here – like a buttery crueler, it left me toasty

  12. Darryl P.

    Giddy spiders is going to stay with me for a long time. Cool piece,Bro!

  13. wonderful.
    kicking gallantries.
    this is how i think of you, your words, your interactions with all the rest of us writers. great stuff, master speh. peace…

  14. guy

    I’m trying to guess which writer wrote this. There’s a hint of contentment. of purring, so i’m guessing it’s the one who went home with the blonde-bunned waiter.

  15. Ah Marcus, I see Berlin when I read this and it makes me homesick for it. The waitress convinced me …

  16. Lou

    oh, giddy spiders is so perfect. Loved this, Mr. Speh.

  17. I get Berlin from this too and I crave that lovely city life, and the inner web of urban delight. A lovely masculine tone, and so you, so full-on Speh. You bring it every time. That you that is so you.

  18. Zoe

    Giddy spiders!! Brilliant expression!!!

    What a wonderful piece!!! Really enjoyed reading this!!

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  20. This became later part of the longer text ” The Social Life of the Serious Writer” and was published in Pure Slush thanks to Matt Potter: http://pureslush.webs.com/sociallifeserious.htm

  21. …as such it is also part of my collection forthcoming from MadHat Press in 2013, titled “Thank You For Your Sperm”: http://bit.ly/TYFYS

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