Blessed by Alexandra Pereira

She doesn’t care what people think,
waving her arms in the air,
majestically and nonchalant.
The warm breeze kissing her unshaven
underarms, as she kicks wet sand
in the air, unaware of its presence.

She doesn’t care what people think,
as she struts like a Persian peacock,
along side turquoise waves that bow
to her aura, offering sweet myrrh
and frankincense.

She doesn’t care what people think,
as she shakes her hips, looking down
at an outspoken belly button.
Tenderly, she rubs the hot skin the
afternoon sun has blessed,
and thinks, “I hope they’re boys.”


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7 responses to “Blessed by Alexandra Pereira

  1. Beautifully put, Alexandra. I love the “outspoken belly button.”

  2. Alexandra Pereira

    Hi Susan. Thank you :-) I have appreciated all your comments and have always looked forward to them! You are always so positive and have been very encouraging for me! Thanks again x :-)

  3. len kuntz

    so sweet!
    loved “an outspoken belly button.” this had some nice alliteration, too, and deft paired rhyming here and there. nice job.

  4. Alexandra Pereira

    Thanks for reading, Len, and your “sweet” comments! :-)

  5. Michelle

    I love everything about this girl. Her waving arms, her feet kicking the sand, her unshaven armpits — her spirit is in all of it. You’ve created a little gem here, a sweet take on the theme, too.

  6. Alexandra Pereira

    Thank you so much for your comment, Michelle! Gave me goose bumps!… lol So glad you liked this girl… and were able to see her “spirit in all of it”! :-)

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