Fuzzy Boots by Molly Bond

The night was brisk and cool. The stars hung over us, watching, breathing, blinking. I was jogging to keep up with them; they were moving at an uncomfortable pace. My velcro sneakers stood out from their white boots, the latest fashion, bought in a haze of frenzied shopping. The sidewalk was too narrow. I was being pushed off the edge, forced to walk in the dog-crap-laden weeds. I attempted to step ahead of them, but Susy pushed me back with her newly tanned arm. I looked up at her and listened as she instructed me to walk behind Becca and her, her voice sticky with bubblegum, in the tone one uses when addressing a badly behaved dog. I gazed at Becca, who seemed to be purposely ignoring me. As I stared, memories slapped me, grazing my skin.

Lying in the soft
white sand on the beach,
hair whipped by the salty wind. Sitting around
as far apart
from the popular group as possible
during lunch
and still feeling like
the coolest
kids around.
The three of us, sitting
on a cliff, watching the city
squirm below us.

I took in Becca’s painted face, her plastic nails, her disgustingly fuzzy boots. Susy’s hazel eyes, streaked with triumph — mocking me, egging me on. Unwelcome tears drowned my face, and I tried to wipe them away with my sweatshirt sleeve. “You are alone in this world,” a voice echoed through me. “You lost them all.”


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7 responses to “Fuzzy Boots by Molly Bond

  1. len kuntz

    this is fantastic. i love the cadence and poetic quality of your writing. please keep it up. there is so much depth and emotion here. just wonderful.

  2. Molly, such a great story!

  3. Good one, Molly–nice to read your work again!

  4. David James

    Molly, Molly, Molly , you’ve got it, girl. Talent that is. I love this story. You may not know how good this piece of yours really is. It’s terrific. This is not the first of your writing I’ve read, but it may be the best. Don’t stop. I want to look forward to more of Molly Bond’s work.

  5. Michelle

    Molly — you met the challenge with such energy here in our last week! Thank you for being in our pages. Wonderful to see you/hear you here. All the best…

  6. Love this, the youth in it, the memories of the triads and cliques. Great stuff, girl — go forth and conquer. Peace…

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