Rock, Paper, Scissors by Catherine Davis

Picture point A. Hesitant, curious, shy. (A is a Modigliani in a Van Gogh starry night.)

Point B emerges on the horizon; now A is aquiver with visions of a dance. (B is handsome Hiawatha lately of the forest.) And voilà – points A and B conjoin. A solid line through space and time, spinning, stretching, drawing so close as to be barely distinguishable.

Enter point C: saunter, slither, blast. See what you get. (C is a Siren, with luscious blues and overripe lips.) A and B are intoxicated. Much ado, and so on.

A triangle is considered a stable structure. Ha.

A triangle is a structure, in fact, only insofar as it remains a triangle. When two of its legs fall off, it becomes a line, with a redundant point hovering somewhere off in the margin. It’s a new order.

Picture point A. Off course, wobbling, confused.


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5 responses to “Rock, Paper, Scissors by Catherine Davis

  1. Intriguing, and has a mathematical edge that I could see as an equation, the way you structured this. Very fine.

  2. I like this but I found it difficult yet revealing; I’m directionally dysfunctional and just realized that I had a hard time keeping up with the directions here, just as I do when driving!

  3. len kuntz

    a piece that makes you work but also makes you want to keep reading is well done.

  4. Michelle

    There is so much I like in this piece, Catherine — which I’ve come to expect in your writing. The opening — hesitant, curious, shy — and the ending — wobbling, confused. And also that Ha in the middle…

    A triangle is considered a stable structure. Ha.

    Well, you’ve said it all, haven’t you?

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