Same Room, Different Planet by Tom Allman

The bespectacled eyes of two lonely people met across a long, musty cardboard box. On the last day of the comic book convention he was looking for Mutant Revenge Team #6. She was looking for Love, and a Brave Teen Trio Omnibus.

Neither thirty something exercised regularly, preferring the armor of Nerdy T-Shirts to protect their bodies. She wore way too much purple eyeliner and he often forgot to comb his hair and floss. Fate, just like in Moth Maiden’s latest issue, was about to intervene.

“Do you have Ninja Marmoset Hipsters #1,” she asked coyly? He flinched, clearly no Casanova.

“Of course I do,” he scoffed.

She’d soon coaxed him to a nearby restaurant then to her hotel room. She arrayed today’s comic haul on the bed and excused herself to the bathroom. He checked to make sure that they had Cartoon Channel on the cable.

She soon emerged wearing only a smile and Wonder Wench undies. He craned his neck to see past her and catch the end of Star Wranglers.

“Now, for all your fantasies to all come true,” she purred. His jaw dropped and he nearly shouted.

“You have a Mutant Revenge Team #6?”


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3 responses to “Same Room, Different Planet by Tom Allman

  1. len kuntz

    fun and kinky, a great combo anytime.

  2. Michelle

    this was a fun one, tom. I can tell you enjoyed this theme!

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