Sometimes I feel like Charlie Brown by Guy Yasko

— Strike three!

Some you win, some you lose. Only these days it’s more like “You
lose.” Period.

— How much?
— Eight for the beers and fifty for the bet.

I slide three twenties across the bar.

— See you tomorrow, Chuck.
— Don’t think so, Bill.
— Oh, you know you’ll be here.
— Fuck you, Bill.
— See you tomorrow.

I hate myself.


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10 responses to “Sometimes I feel like Charlie Brown by Guy Yasko

  1. Love this. Very jaunty and alive!

  2. Love the best of intentions hitting the wall of experience.

  3. len kuntz

    poor charlie. but i feel the same way sometimes.

  4. stephen

    nice. i like this little time-slice.

    i enjoyed taking the title entirely literally and imagining a 50 year old charlie brown losing bets in bars.

    well played.

    • guy

      Good grief!

      Comrade, i think i was at least partially inspired by your use of Speed Racer last week. Thanks!

      Susan T., yeah, that’s what i like about it, too: the rhythm of their exchange.

      Susan, Len thanks for reading & commenting.

  5. Ha ha … God, this is so like life, trying to make things interesting and not being able to help ourselves, always choosing the same thing on the menu because it’s easier …

  6. guy

    Thanks, Matt. I think it is like that, that sense of gravity that pulls us into the same damn thing.

  7. Michelle

    Wow. I read this a couple weeks back, now I am coming to it again. You pack a punch with this one, Guy. It’s not so much melancholy — something you do so well in your writing — as… alarmingly matter-of-fact. There’s a resignation here that hurts. A pattern that cannot be escaped. It’s funny but also, well, hard. I like that a lot.

  8. Wow, that seems exactly how poor Ol’ Chuck would turn out as an adult; doesn’t it? *sniff* Excellent writing, but now I’m sad. :(

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