Then There Were Two by Martin Brick

He rented the tux to make in convincing. Actually shelled out the cash, committed to his third of the limo, and everything. Then he got “sick,” on prom night, and told everyone he hated to miss it, but couldn’t get out of bed. Cory and Dawn came by his house for a photo, but he refused.

So there were two. For the best he said, though he found himself crying like some little girl.

It was always the three of them: Cory and Dawn and Ted. All the same age and living on Hyacinth Court. They used to take naps together. Three three-year-olds lying together on a queen sized bed while their mothers drank tea and played cards.

When they were 8, maybe 9, Cory showed him pages ripped from Playboys out of his father’s closet. Ted remembers most Cory’s comment: “This is what Dawn will become.”

In September she had some kind of boyfriend they both disliked. Some good-looking-but-boring-business type. She told Cory and Ted she was thinking about losing her virginity. They negotiated that delicate matter, dissuading her without appearing jealous. Ultimately nothing happened, she dumped him, and in October they pledged to go to prom as a threesome, just like when they were 3. More like siblings than anything.

Except Cory never saw it like that. He glowed on Prom night, Dawn on his arm. “It won’t be the same without you,” Dawn said. “No, it wouldn’t,” they all knew.


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5 responses to “Then There Were Two by Martin Brick

  1. Very interesting story. You should consider expanding this into a novella.

  2. len kuntz

    “This is what Dawn will become” is a haunting line.

  3. guy

    This reminds me of Soseki, Mon or Kokoro. I think Susan is right. There’s enough here to propel something larger.

  4. Michelle

    You capture such complicated relationships in your stories, Marty. This one here really sticks with me. It’s so real in so many ways. All the years that are recounted in this short space — the snapshots of them at 3, at 8, as teens. Really good stuff!

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