Lola, Salmon, Juneau by Michelle Elvy

This photo was taken in June 2006 in Juneau, Alaska. It rained constantly while we were there but there was something about the life and the light that captivated us. We traveled through Southeast Alaska that whole season and sailed passed icebergs, glaciers, and whales. We collected thousands of photos and memories. But somehow it was a portion of this unassuming picture of my then four-year-old looking out the window of the Juneau Public Library which became the banner for 52|250. I like it here on this last page of 52|250; there’s something about the young child looking out, the brightly colored fish between her and the murky wet cityscape. Maybe it’s this: maybe it says goodbye in the right way. And onward! — Michelle Elvy

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10 responses to “Lola, Salmon, Juneau by Michelle Elvy

  1. Thanks for this. It’s nice to be able to see the connection to the banner and how everything’s filled out in the end, just like 52/250. A fitting ending for a great project.

  2. Awesome! I was wondering about the banner for nearly a year!

  3. len kuntz

    what a lovely picture. it should be in a magazine somewhere. thanks for sharing this, the story behind it, and all you do.

  4. Tom Allman

    Thank You for sharing. Great stories and great folks.

  5. The perfect collage to pull this all together.

  6. I always thought it was glass, an interior window … so now I know. Thank you.

  7. Michael Parker

    I love this stained glass artwork! And your picture for the banner is inspired. Thanks for this.

  8. Hi Michelle, I love this picture. You told me about the library very early on but to see the whole picture, and the contrast between the vivid, almost dreamlike salmon and the ‘real world’ through the window is striking — and then there’s your daughter. In the real bit. On so many levels I love this picture!
    (Will ask you another time about sailing in Alaska — wow!)

  9. Michelle

    Thanks, all. This picture means a lot to me. Funny how it became our banner for a year of writing…. Those fishies are forever flash-fishies to me now!

    What a spectacular thing this has been. Sorry that this might well be my last comment here at 52|250. You have all touched my heart. The words, the feeling, the friendships. Awesome all the way around….

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