A Year of Flash: May 2010 – May 2011

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Welcome to 52|250 – A Year of Flash. If you’ve been here before, you’ll recognize the images below as the archive of a year of writing that took place here between May 2010 and May 2011. If you’re new to our site, what you will find is the result of a year’s worth of creative labor and love — on the part of 176 artists and authors who contributed over 1,500 flashes, poems and art. What began as a simple challenge between two friends (let’s write a story a week for a year) swiftly gained momentum and turned into something exceptional in every way. Our first week began with 17 writers taking on the theme of “Breadfruit” and our year ended with 52 authors inspired by “Threesome.” In the collection below you’ll find 52 weeks of stories and poems, each piece limited in word count to 250 or less. You will also find links to our quarterly reviews, filled with interviews, features, and the editors’ selections of the best writing from each quarter.

Thank you for visiting 52|250 – A Year of Flash.

Some responses to 52|250:

“one of the most important projects on the internet…” -Sam Rasnake

“What a ride, what a journey…” -Linda Simoni-Wastila

“truly stunning…” -Andrew Stancek

“quite possibly the very best project I’ve ever taken part in…” -Susan Gibb

“an awesome venue and, even better, a great community…” -Robert Vaughan

 “so much lovely writing by so many lovely writers…” -Stephen Hastings-King

“one of the best and most important projects of the literary web…” -Marcus Speh

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ll Wk #1 – Breadfruit Wk #2 – Fancy Me Wk #3 – Little worlds Wk #4 – Cartography
ll ll ll ll ll
ll Wk #5 – Lovelies on the beach Wk #6 – Balance of terror Wk #7 – Broken camera Wk #8 – Corrected vision
ll ll ll ll ll
ll Wk #9 – Cigarette smoke in the car Wk #10 – Union of opposites Wk #11 – Red meat Wk #12 – Allergic reactions
ll ll ll ll ll
ll Wk #13 – Space camp Wk #14 – I can’t wait Wk #15 – Sleep Wk #16 – Busy at work
ll ll ll ll ll
ll Wk #17 – We are not responsible Wk #18 – Lucky number Wk #19 – The last time Wk #20 – Rivals
ll ll ll ll ll
ll Wk #21 – Unseen Wk #22 – The brutality of friends Wk #23 – Long lines Wk #24 – Tombstones
ll ll ll ll ll
ll Wk #25 – Least favorite Wk #26 – Bad haircut Wk #27 – Lost in translation Wk #28 – The postcard
ll ll ll ll ll
ll Wk #29 – The palm of your hand Wk #30 – Urban convert Wk #31 – Missed the bus Wk #32 – Silence
ll ll ll ll ll
ll Wk #33 – Spontaneous combustion Wk #34 – Floating away Wk #35 – Loose connections Wk #36 – Animal behavior
ll ll ll ll ll
ll Wk #37 – Border town Wk #38 – Long distance Wk #39 – Password Wk #40 – The money’s all gone
ll ll ll ll ll
ll Wk #41 – Coincidence Wk #42 – Under wraps Wk #43 – To the core Wk #44 – Crowd
ll ll ll ll ll
ll Wk #45 – Broken shells Wk #46 – Another world Wk #47 – Blind spot Wk #48 – Tainted love
ll ll ll ll ll
ll Wk #49 – Cold front Wk #50 – Home sweet home Wk #51 – Unintended consequences Wk #52 – Threesome
ll ll ll ll ll
ll thirteen twentysix thirtynine fiftytwo

21 responses to “A Year of Flash: May 2010 – May 2011

  1. Everything looks great. Thanks for the challenge, the support, and the stories!

  2. It looks great! It has been a wonderful experience for me. A heartfelt thank you to the editors who made it possible and to the best community of writers I’ve known!

  3. Matthew

    Very nice. I am happy to have been a part of it.

  4. Me too! (from Susan Tepper). So HAPPY to see this lovely May 52/250!!! Unfortunately, I cannot post in the comment box below???

  5. Now it seems to be taking my comments! Thank you dear comment box!

  6. What an honor it has been, will continue to be, and so many great people I have met through this venue and beyond. The endless talent continues!

  7. Kim Hutchinson

    It was an amazing experience to participate each week with such a great, talented group of writers. Thanks so much to the editors!

  8. Wow — an amazing visual feast, a vibrant community and a fantastic flashfest… this is a great achievement on your part and has been excellent fun for us — thanks so much for running 52|250.

  9. Beautiful! Very organized and visually exciting, this new site!

  10. Love the new reception desk — the art gorgeous, the stories a click away.

    Thank you for a wonderful journey — I still miss the writing, the reading, the comraderie. peace…

  11. Alexandra Pereira

    Beautiful and intriguing site! Excellent work! … I loved this experience! Learned so much! Thank you all for the support, the wonderful stories shared and the challenge of writing my first flash fiction stories! :-)

  12. I’ve read many of these at fictionaut. Glad I can come here to look over more of them. A truly fine collection and a wonderful project.

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