Authors & Artists

David Ackley lives, writes and teaches writing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He is a former editor of the Greensboro Review and has an MFA from UNC-G which he attended with a pack of his betters, including Kelly Cherry, Harry Humes, Robert Morgan, William Pitt Root, and John Baskin among other lights.

Christopher Allen‘s fiction and non-fiction have appeared in places like (and very much unlike) Wilderness House Literary Review, Connotation Press and Referential Magazine. His story “Red Toy Soldier” won first prize in The Smoking Poet’s third annual short story contest. He travels obsessively and co-edits Metazen. He can be found at

Stacy Allen is a procrastinator, only able to work in the face of imminent deadline doom. She also teaches 2nd grade, paints on skateboards, and writes middle grade fantasy novels and picture books which she tucks away in random drawers instead of actively pursuing her writing dream.

Tom Allman is a 42 year old Man-child hoping to find his muse.

Dawn Armstrong is working on another new life.  The old ones keep coming back to haunt her though.  She lives with 6 furry roommates who refuse to pay rent, which means she has to work 2 jobs. Writing may just be the new diversion she needs.

Derin J. Atwood was born and raised in New Zealand. She has been telling stories all her life, first to her younger brothers and then to her own children. She now writes novels and short stories. Derin lives in Whangarei with an adoring husband and a small green car called Kermit.

Kevin Balance writes and runs.  You can catch up with him at

Anna Ball, an artist living in Piedmont, South Dakota, inspired by the high plains and Black Hills,  can’t figure out which is more fun–riding the mountain bike or painting. Anna contributed the painting i want to marry my bike but the evangelicals would burn me at the stake for Week #19 – The Last Time.

Jane Banning lives in Oregon, Wisconsin with her husband and son.  She has received honorable mentions in the 2008 Micro Fiction Contest and the 2009 Glass Woman Prize Contest.  Her work has appeared in the University of Iowa Daily Palette, Six Sentences, Long Story Short, Boston Literary Magazine, Lyrical Passion Poetry – and, happily, 52250 Flash.

Llyvonne Barber is a visual arts junkie. She trolls the heights above New Zealand’s Ashhurst and Pohangina Wetlands and surrounds herself with her trusty companion Tuli and her favourite camera. Llyvonne’s photograph, Tulip-Mask, is featured in Week #12 – Allergic Reactions and Groups of three plus one is up at Week #18 – Lucky Number.

Tina Barry’s stories have appeared in Exposure, an anthology of microfiction from Cinnamon Press (2010); Fractured West; the Boston Literary Magazine; and other publications. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, where she’s an M.F.A. candidate in creative writing at Long Island University. She can be reached at

Christian Bell lives near Baltimore, Maryland. He primarily writes flash fiction and his work has appeared online in various publications, including SmokeLong Quarterly, Wigleaf, Pindeldyboz, and JMWW Quarterly.  He has a blog at

Chelsea Biondolillo’s essays have appeared in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Sea Stories, The Rumpus, and The Rio Review. She has been rejected by some of the best MFA programs in the country and continues to take science credits for fun.

Ziggy Blicharz is a mechanic who uses tools to create something he believes is tasteful and pleasing. He works with wood, plaster, paint and photographs, and  hopes to make something that will last.  Ziggy supplied photographs for Week #2 – Fancy Me, Week #  Week #5 – Lovelies on the Beach and Week #11 – Red Meat. Ziggy was the featured artist in our first quarterly review, thirteen.

Walter Bjorkman writes poems, short stories and flash, published here & there, and a book of short stories gathering dust at B&N and Amazon. He is co-editor of 52|250 and the soon to be Baker’s Dozen. Walter’s photography is featured in Week #6- Balance of Terror, Week #16 – Busy at WorkWeek #32 – Silence, and Week #45 – Broken Shells

Glenn Blakeslee has had short work published at 365 Tomorrows, Bewildering Stories, Darker Online, and Static Movement.

Ann Bogle’s short stories have appeared in The Quarterly, Fiction International, Gulf Coast, Black Ice, Big Bridge, Submodern Fiction, Mad Hatters’ Review, Metazen, Istanbul Literary Review and other journals.  She blogs at Ana Verse.

Doug Bond has endured life in Manhattan and along the Western fault lines, most recently in San Francisco in loving, creative partnership with his wife, daughter, Ben (a Lab), and assorted other hungry creatures. Doug has been in the habit recently of sharing a variety of Amuzementz including his own writing at and also at Fictionaut.

Molly Bond is a fourteen year-old middle school student. Her work was selected by San Francisco Poet Laureate, Devorah Major for the de Young Museum’s Poets in the Galleries Showcase and has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle’s “Kids Put their Best Rhymes Forward” for National Poetry Month, Metazen, Dogzplot, and Newport Review. Some of Molly’s other poems and stories are viewable on Fictionaut. Molly lives in San Francisco with three cats, a dog, two rats, a bearded dragon lizard, and her parents. Molly once walked around her entire house without touching the floor.

J. Bradley is the author of The Serial Rapist Sitting Behind You Is A Robot (Safety Third Enterprises, 2010) and the Interview Editor at PANK Magazine.  He lives at

Abigail Braman is from Stroudsburg PA, currently living in Cresco PA. She works as an image mapper for and is trying to sell her artwork and prints where ever and whenever she can. She enjoys playing instruments, and learning as many as she can, plays guitar, harmonica, and her favorite the banjo, for a local band called Dream of Fire. Abby attends ESU as a fine arts major with a sub major in art history. She has three pets – a cat named Claude, and two snakes – a sand boa named Edgar and a corn snake named Houdini. Her art is featured in Week #50 – Home Sweet Home.

Leah Brennan believes that everything is an experience, so she experiences everything and then tries to write about it all.

Martin Brick is an Assistant Professor of English at Ohio Dominican University. His publications include The Cortland Review, Vestal Review, Sou’Wester, Pindeldyboz, and other places. He is a past Pushcart nominee and a former editor of Wisconsin Review.

Estelle Bruno has poetry published in Eden Waters Press Anthology, Poesia, Istanbull Literary Review, Re:Verse, The Long Island Quarterly and The Mom Egg. She also has had a story published on the New York Times Opinion page.

Jodine Derena Butler is a child of rural New Zealand in the 1970′s who moved into West Auckland in her early 20′s. She is married with two adult children and one grandson, and has a Post Graduate background in Social Work and Mental Health. She was privileged to be critiqued by legendary poets and writers such as Wystan Curnow, Emily Perkins, Mike Johnson and Lisa Samuels at Auckland University. She is influenced by her favourite writer, Sylvia Plath. Her poems have been published in Side Stream Magazine, edited by Miriam Barr. Some of her works can be found at Poetry Out West.

Retired from teaching, Salvatore Buttaci is an obsessive-compulsive writer who writes every day. The 2007 recipient of the $500 Cyber-wit Poetry Award, Sal has had work appear in The Writer, U.S.A. Today, The New York Times, Cats Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Celebrating Brothers and Sisters,  A Cup of Comfort for Fathers, and many other publications here and abroad. His collection of 164 short-fiction stories, Flashing My Shorts, is available from Amazon. His follow-up collection, 200 Flashing Shorts, will be released in early 2011.

Marquita Cabrera is a senior at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. She’s originally from Brooklyn, NY. Upon graduation next semester, she plans to join the U.S. Air Force to become an Officer, because she needs a career. She enjoys writing poetry and fiction, with an emphasis on randomness, because she likes to make people laugh. She still watches the Power Rangers and listens to loads of music from Elvis to DMX.

Melissa Chadburn’s work has been published in Dynamic Magazine, The Bohemian, People’s Weekly World, Political Affairs, Shelf Life, Battered Suitcase and Splinter Generation.  She has studied with Leonard Chang, Susan Taylor Chehak, Tananarive Due, Dana Johnson, and Steve Heller. After studying law, Melissa obtained an M.F.A. in creative writing from Antioch University. She is of African, Asian, Hispanic, Filipina, and Irish descent, and was raised by Dutch/Indonesian and British foster parents. Her mixed background has influenced her writing.

Jill Chan is a poet and fiction writer based in Auckland, New Zealand. Her stories are forthcoming in The Tower Journal and A-Minor. She is the author of four collections of poetry: Early Work: Poems 2000-2007 (forthcoming); These Hands Are Not Ours (ESAW, 2009), winner of the Earl of Seacliff Poetry Prize; Becoming Someone Who Isn’t (ESAW, 2007); and The Smell of Oranges (ESAW, 2003).  She is one of the poets featured in the New Zealand Poetry Sound Archive. Official website:

John Wentworth Chapin teaches writing and runs a writing center in Baltimore. He is a founding Editor of 52|250, but he knows who wears the virtual pants around here. John’s photograph shows up in Week #4 – Cartography.

Ramon Collins defies gravity on the NE  edge of the Mojave Desert.

Ryder Collins has work published or forthcoming in Monkeybicycle, Dogzplot, DIAGRAM, Juked, and Wigleaf, among others. She has a chapbook of poetry, Orpheus on toast, forthcoming from Imaginary Friend Press. Her sometimes neglected bloggy can be found at Big Northern Girl Goes Down.

Sheldon Lee Compton survives in Kentucky.  His work has appeared in Keyhole, Monkeybicycle, Emprise Review, Dogzplot and elsewhere.

Cubehermit is master of her 4×5 foot domain. Just as you do not mess with Texas, don’t mess with the cube. You can see more of cubehermit’s work at her website, Corporate Cog Poetry.

Rick Daddario‘s art is featured in Week #44 – Crowd.

Libby Daniels teaches school and lives in Bassett, Virginia, a faded old factory town cut through by the Smith River and a railroad track.  She lives with her soulmate, two maniac boys, and one bumbling Australian Shepherd.  She writes to keep from sinking, mixes metaphors, and tries to keep everyone’s lanterns out from under bushel barrels.

Catherine Davis splits her time between work in Manhattan and maintaining the family home and garden in Columbia, South Carolina. She has worked as a set decorator in the film business on over forty feature films and television shows; selected credits include Brokeback Mountain, We Own the Night, Evening, Ira and Abby, Tuck Everlasting, and Joe Gould’s Secret. Early art department credits include Lonesome Dove and Blue Velvet. This past year she completed a doctoral degree in creative writing and English at the Center for Writers in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where she studied with Frederick Barthelme, Mary Robison, and Steven Barthelme. Her writing has won departmental awards for short stories, as well as appearing in Product, the graduate journal. A novel, Harmonica Porpoises, is a work in progress. Catherine supplied the photographs for Week #36 – Animal Behavior and Week #40 – The Money’s Gone.

Holly Day is a housewife and mother of two living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her poetry has recently appeared in The Oxford American, The Midwest Quarterly, and Coal City Review.

Doris Dembosky lives in Colorado where she writes notes to herself, grocery lists, essays, poetry, and short stories. If you want to find her, look for a paper trail. If you journal daily, you might want to check out her blog, Timeout2, that always begins with a writers’ prompt.

Nicole Cartwright Denison lives on a trout farm, is the author of three chapbooks and a Best of the Net, Best New Poets and Pushcart Prize nominee. Work has appeared in Weave,JukedPress 1DiagramNo Tell MotelelimaeThe Pedestal Magazine and others.  Photography has appeared in Southern Women’s ReviewStirringDigital Paper, Lily and others. With founder Rachel Mallino, she co-edits Tilt Press.

Matt DeVirgiliis lives with his wife – and inspiration – in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. He has written and produced Emmy Award winning television series for The Discovery Channel and has also produced shows for TLC, HGTV, and Baby First Television. His short stories can be read at Fictionaut.

Matthew Dexter lives and breathes in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. He is fond of shrimp tacos, smoked marlin quesadillas, cold beer, and warm sunshine.

CS DeWildt‘s stories have appeared in Bartleby Snopes, Word Riot, Writer’s Bloc, The Bicycle Review, and Mobius Magazine.  His novella Candy and Cigarettes is scheduled for release by Vagabondage Press in Summer 2011.

Mike DiChristina is a writer and software engineer originally from Chittenango, New York, the birth place of L. Frank Baum, who wrote The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Mike spent his childhood playing sports with his three brothers. Of the four boys, Mike was the best at math.  He currently lives in Riverside, Connecticut with his wife and three teenaged daughters, all of whom are musical.  Mike is an avid fan of school music recitals.

Michael Dickes is a singer-songwriter, composer, and writer living in Washington’s Cascade Mountains. His stories have been featured in THIS Literary Magazine, Metazen, Istanbul Literary Review, Negative Suck and LitSnack. His numerous CDs include Dig, Loose Ends, Moveable Child, and Thirty-Five, and his work is featured on the “Henry Poole Is Here” soundtrack starring Luke Wilson and George Lopez. Michael has traveled the world as a musician and he has a dedicated following based on his ability to tell stories through his music. He continues to focus on his life-long passion for stringing words together precisely to move hearts and bend minds. More information about Michael’s fiction and music can be found at

Murray Dunlap’s work has appeared in about thirty magazines and journals. His stories have been twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize, as well as to Best New American Voices, and his first book, “Alabama,” was a finalist for the Maurice Prize in Fiction. He is currently working on a novel-in-stories called “Bastard Blue.” The extraordinary individuals Pam Houston, Laura Dave, Michael Knight, and Fred Ashe taught him the art of writing.

Greg Dybec is founder and editor of Fix it Broken, an online fiction magazine with a fashionable twist.

Bob Eckstein is a New Yorker cartoonist, humorist (GQ, Details, NY Times, Spy, Reader’s Digest) and editor of the new humor website The Basement. Currently he is working on a movie based on his popular book The History of the Snowman.

Lola Elvy loves  the sea.  She sings her way through most days and sometimes remembers to write down what she makes up. Lola’s work at 52|250 includes poetry, short fiction and the drawing The Food Chain which she supplied for Week # 22 – The Brutality of Friends. Lola was featured in our second quarterly review, twentysix.

Michelle Elvy lives and writes on a 43′ sailboat and is presently located in Opua, New Zealand. She is founder and co-editor of 52|250. She has published  articles in sailing and travel magazines and creative fiction and non-fiction at Metazen, Words With JAM, Like Birds Lit, 6S, Blue Print Review, Ramshackle Review, Sleep.Snort.Fuck, and A-Minor. She is also Associate Editor at Blue Five Notebook as of December 2010. When not flashing here, Michelle”s writing at Glow Worm, listening at VOICES, or sailing on Momo. Michelle provided photography for Week #14 – I can’t Wait, Week # 33 – Spontaneous Combustion, and Week #52 – Threesome

Andrea Falkenstein is a true native New Yorker who grew up in NY at a time when it was seedy and very cool.  During a two week period while apartment sharing with Robert Vaughan (another 52|250 contributor, among other things), the two “skulked” around NYC in the deep dark night tearing down anything they could get their hands on.  They then spent time staying up into the wee hours of the night constructing the Two/Tree collection, which is featured in Week # 28 The Postcard.  Andrea is now and has been a freelance Production Supervisor making TV commercials.  She still likes to tear interesting things down to recycle and morph them into something even more interesting.

Grant Farley is holed up on his dumpy porch in San Pedro, peeking through Venetian blinds at LA Harbor as he scratches out these stories.

Finnegan Flawnt was a fictitious writer and prolific purveyor of fine podcasts who lived a short but fulfilled life at the side of his creator Marcus Speh.

Boudreau Freret loves to tell stories. (Mostly in print, but he enjoys a live audience from time to time, too.) His satire has appeared at Yankee Pot Roast, The Big Jewel, The Talking Mirror, and on bathroom walls throughout Orleans Parish. His attempts to be serious have been featured in Six Sentences, Mylène Dressler’s American Stories NOW, The Glass Coin, and Metazen. He’s currently rewriting his first novel.

Lou Freshwater is a reader, writer, life-long student, and fan of Steinbeck, Camus, and Howlin’ Wolf.  Her ramblings can be found at Baby’s Black Balloon.

Michelle Fuller is a wife, mother, and scientist who likes to experiment with poetry, fiction, and photography.

Manja Gattner‘s art is featured in Week #25 – Least Favorite.

Susan Gibb vacillates between traditional text and new media stories such as hypertext. She has been published in both forms as well as different genres, and has edited two very different types of magazines, so it is possible that she does not know what she wants to do but is sure it has something to do with writing. Susan’s supplied the art for Week #26 – Bad Haircut.

Ex-Mongol archer and con man, Kaston Griffin can be found jumping his motorcycle roof-to-roof, putting together a new A-team, or high fiving Conan O’Brien. Whenever he finishes a daring escapade, the public knows as he celebrates each successful caper by publishing a fictional story with undertones of extreme personal danger.

Kelly Grotke lives in Helsinki, where she feels pretty much at home, most of the time.

Matthew A. Hamilton is a US Peace Corps Volunteer serving in the Philippines. He has work in Metazen, Crows Nest Magazine, Long Story Short, and others. He has forthcoming working in Black Lantern Publishing and The Battered Suitcase. After service, Matthew will pursue an MFA in Creative Writing at Fairfield University.

Jane Hammons should be working on her novel.

Stephen Harutunian is a writer, teacher, and musician living in the Boston area. He recently received his MFA in fiction from Goddard College.

Georgina Kamsika is an Anglo-Indian British writer.  She reads widely, everything from E.M. Forester to Chuck Palahnuick and values her comics collection – from Sandman to Preacher. She admits to being a geek and whenever she’s not writing, she loves reading and walking her two dogs in the local woods. Her partner, Andy, is very patient and supports her at all times, even when her only response is ‘shush, go away. Writing’.  For more, see:

Stephen Hastings-King lives by a salt marsh in Essex, Massachusetts where he makes constraints, works with prepared piano and writes entertainments of various kinds. Some of his sound work is available at Other material will be at His writing has appeared in a wide range of journals including Sleepingfish and Black Warrior Review (this fall, stay tuned).

Shayla Hawkins lives in Detroit and won the 2008 Canute A. Brodhurst Prize in Short Fiction from The Caribbean Writer and the 2010 John Edgar Wideman Microstory Contest. Her recent publications include poems in TORCH: Poetry, Prose, and Short Stories by African American Women, Chopin with Cherries, Vwa: Poems for Haiti, St. Somewhere, Aunt Chloe, and Pyrta.

Bernard Heise lives on a sailboat in the South Pacific. He monitors the sun as it rises and sets; he keeps a watchful eye on the tides. And when the spirit moves him, he animates the mummified corpse of 15th-century Anglo-Saxon bishop and mounts the pulpit at the Church of Rebar Jesus. Bernard also gave us the photographs for Week #8 – Corrected Vision,  Week #13 – Space Camp, Week #31 – Missed the Bus and Week #49 – Cold Front

Jana Heise lives and dreams and draws in color. Inspired by Hundertwasser, she supplied the artwork for Week #38 – Long Distance.

Gill Hoffs lives in Warrington, England with her husband and young son, Angus. She has worked throughout Britain with children with a variety of needs and is now a full-time mummy and as-often-as-possible writer. Her work has won several competitions and been published online and in print with Unbound Press, Duality, and Spilling Ink Review.

Barbara-Lucy Hosken was born in England, now lives in Whangarei NZ.  Her first love was Creative Dance which she taught at University level but now, retired and ailing, she writes prose and poetry as an outlet for her creative talent and has recently published A Little Line Dancing, a book of poetry. She also enjoys clay modeling and is constantly searching for time but never seems to find any.  She is busier now than ever and like many retired people wonders how she managed to fit ‘work’ into her daily schedule.

Randall Houle writes in the Pacific Northwest (of the USA). He is VP-Programs for Willamette Writers based in Portland, Oregon.

Kim Hutchinson is a writer, filmmaker, a former Detroiter, and an AmeriCanadian. Her fiction has appeared in online journals, and her non-fiction has played on television and radio and has been featured in print. Kim’s short films have been in international distribution and played at film festivals in the US and Canada.  An audio short story is available on The Reading  List , and other stories can be found at Fictionaut.

Elizabeth Irvine is a professional horse trainer and smart ass and an amateur author. She is currently living in self imposed exile in Pendleton, Oregon.

Joanne Jagoda retired in 2009 and embarked full speed ahead on a long postponed journey into the world of creative writing.  She is working on short stories, essays and poetry, taking classes and workshops. Joanne hold a BA degree in History from U.C. Berkeley and has a masters degree from California State University, Hayward.  She has a story currently in the ezine Motherhood Muse and several poems in Poetica magazine and received an Honorable mention in the Short Story category of the 79th Writer’s Digest competition.

Grey Johnson lives in the rural Southeast and enjoys scanning fields of soybean, corn, tobacco, or cotton – depending on the season – whenever she is forced to drive.  She is learning to write pieces that are not exactly six sentences long.

Liz Jameyson is currently happily living in Oakland, CA, but her hometown, Albuquerque, NM, is where most of her characters tend to reside.  It gives her an excuse to live there, too.

Claire King lives in France. She has an open relationship with her novel and an assortment of short lovers. Claire blogs at

Jeremy Kargon is an architect in Baltimore, Maryland, where he is Assistant Professor at Morgan State University’s School of Architecture and Planning. He contributed Cooper Union Collage to 52|250’s Week #1 Breadfruit.

Eddie Kirsch is a student at the University of Missouri studying Journalism and Philosophy, but has long held a interest in fiction. He interned at the Missouri Review in Fall 2009 and since then his interest in writing has multiplied.

Jen Knox earned her MFA from Bennington’s Writing Seminars, and she now works as a fiction editor at Our Stories Literary Journal and a creative writing professor at San Antonio College. She has authored a memoir, Musical Chairs, and a collection of short stories entitled To Begin Again. Her website is here:

Erik Knutsen has tried to program a bio machine to write bios about Erik Knutsen has tried to program a bio machine to write bios about Erik Knutsen has tried to program a bio machine to write bios about Erik Knutsen has tried to program a bio machine to write bios about

Len Kuntz lives on a lake in rural Washington State with his wife, son, an eagle and three pesky beavers.  His writing appears widely in print and online at places like Troubadour 21, The Camel Saloon and

Aljoscha Lahner is an artist living in Berlin. He supplied the paintings for Week #23 – Long Lines and Week #47 – Blind Spot and is featured in our second quarterly, twentysix.

Peggy Landsman’s work has been published in many online and printliterary journals and anthologies. She has two books out-a poetry chapbook,To-wit To-woo (FootHills Publishing), and, under the pen name SamanthaRhodes, a contemporary romance novel, Passion’s Professor (MidnightShowcase). She lives in South Florida where she swims in the warm Atlantic Ocean every chance she gets. You can visit her website at

Dorothee Lang is a writer, web freelancer and traveller. She lives in Germany and edits BluePrintReview and Daily s-Press. Sometimes she dreams the stories she writes. For more about her, visit her at  Dorothee’s picture sand mandala can be seen on Week #21 – Unseen.

Maude Larke lives in France.  She has come back to creative writing after years in the university system, analyzing others’ texts, and to classical music as an ardent amateur, after fifteen years of piano and voice in her youth. Publications include Bird’s Eye reViewNaugatuck River ReviewOberonCyclamens and Swordsriverbabble andSketchbook.

Peter Larsen is a poet living in Whangarei, New Zealand.

Quenby Larsen is a writer living in Florida with her husband, son, and little white dog Annie. Quenby Larsen is the pen name for Meg Sefton.

Roberta Lawson lives, breathes, writes, and drinks too much tea in Brighton in the UK. But not at the same time – she’d hate to choke on her tea.

Alex Lockwood is a PhD candidate in creative writing at Newcastle University, UK, and part of the editorial group for Friction Magazine.

Nathan Alling Long grew up in a log cabin in rural Maryland. He has work in Tin House, Glimmer Train, Indiana Review, Story Quarterly, and other journals, and has won a Truman Capote Fellowship, scholarships to Bread Loaf, and a Pushcart Prize nomination.  He lives in Philadelphia and teaches creative writing at Richard Stockton College in NJ.

Sara Lippmann is a writer in Brooklyn.

R.G. MacLeod lives and writes on the Gulf Coast of Florida where he is hard at work creating a more interesting bio.

Harley May is a writer and reader of many things. She is a wife, mother, mutant, pervert (one of those might be a lie) and dearly loves to laugh. And maybe she’s a hugger.

Al McDermid is an educator and free-lance writer/editor living in Tokyo, Japan. He writes non-fiction, fiction, poetry, re-writes translations, and thinks writing about himself in the third-person is strange, preferring to write in the first-person, even when not writing about himself. His only publications are five articles in theMacmillian Encyclopedia of World Slavery and a few poems in Rain Bird, a literary and art journal published by Windward Community College in Hawaii, where he once taught history. His art, photography, and poetry can be found at: Al contributed art to Week #10 Union of Opposites,  Week #17 – We Are Not Responsible, Week #30 – Urban Convert, and Week # 41 – Coincidence. Al is featured along with Guy Yasko in our third quarterly, thirtynine.

Melissa McEwen is the poetry editor of Poets & Artists and author of Saturday Pie (a poetry chapbook). Her poems and short stories have been published in various literary magazines and journals (online and in print) such as Rattle, Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, MiPOesias, and Ocho. Two of her poems have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2008 and 2010. She resides in Bloomfield, Connecticut with her teenage son Izzy.

Michelle McEwen is the author of Delicious Dangerous (a poetry chabpook) and also the author of  Trouble which won the short story contest in 2010.  Her poems have been published in The Best New Poets 2007 (an anthology), Poets & Artists, The Caribbean Writer and Naugatuck River Review. In 2009, one of her poems was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. When she isn’t busy reading or writing, she interviews poets at Poetry Chaingang.

Jeffrey Miller, originally from LaSalle, Illinois, has been living and teaching in Asia since 1989. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in A-Minor Magazine, Bartleby Snopes, Caper Literary Journal, Eunoia Review, Full of Crow, Grey Sparrow Journal, Magnolia’s Press, Negative Suck, Orion headless and Thunderclap. He can be found online at Jeffrey Miller Writes and Stopping to Smell the Roses.

Terrin Munawet is a 13-year old who enjoys playing and listening to music, as well as learning about it. He also likes to play video games and participates in the marching band. In his art, Terrin likes to incorporate contrasting colors to portray contrasting life situations like friendship and rivalry. He contributed the art for Week #20 – Rivals and was featured in our second quarterly, twentysix.

Christina Murphy lives and writes in a 100 year-old Arts and Crafts style house along the Ohio River. Her writing appears in a number of anthologies and journals including, most recently, ABJECTIVE, A cappella Zoo, PANKWord RiotFiction Collective, and LITnIMAGE. Her work has received two Editor’s Choice Awards, Special Mention for a Pushcart Prize, and the 2011 Andre Dubus Award for Short Fiction from Words and Images.

Kevin Myrick is a writer working at a small town newspaper in Northwest Georgia. He is the author of one novel, Stuck in the Elevator. His work has appeared in The Auburn Circle, on Fictionaut and on his website.  He plans to release an e-book story collection “The Book of Daniel” in October.

Katherine Nabity is a full-time writer and part-time ultimate frisbee enthusiast. She’s married to her writing collaborator and lives in a five computer household. Her other writings can be found at EntangledContinua and her long-standing LiveJournal.

Ajay Nair lives and works in Mumbai. He is an entrepreneur at a live music events firm, having been a private equity investor, an investment banker and a business consultant in the past. He believes that Tendulkar is god, which regrettably is a notion his wife Anita disagrees with. More of his writing is up at his website If I sang out of tune and at Fictionaut.

Thomas O’Connell is a husband, father, librarian, and writer- usually in that order. His short fiction has appeared in A Minor, Staccato Fiction, and The Broken Plate, as well as other print and online journals.

David Ohlerking II‘s art is featured in Week #48 – Tainted Love.

Michelle Ong is a native Texan that lives in North Carolina. She recently finished walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

Gabriel Orgrease is the author of “Illuminations; without consent of anyone but the author” (Scintilla Sophia Salamander Press, 1975). He lives near to the Atlantic on the South Shore of Long Island halfway to Montauk where he tends to a colony of endangered marine moss. He has published invariably in pleasantly obscure places for a number of years. He blogs at Orgrease-Crankbait.

When Fred Osuna was born, “Theme from A Summer Place” was number one on the pop charts. Now, after 23 seasons in the humidity of Birmingham, Alabama, he is convinced that southern California is definitely the summer place for him. He spends idle time delving into the lives of others through the letters they wrote during World War II, and his vegetable garden yielded one cucumber this year.

Michael Parker’s poems, poetry analysis, reviews, and interviews have appeared in MiPoesiasOranges & SardinesPoets & ArtistsOCHODialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, and New Letters Literary Magazine (University of Missouri Press). He is a recipient of the 2006 Bonzai Project poetry award (GOSS183 publications) and nominated for 2006 Poet Laureate of the Blogoshpere. Michael is an artist and marathon runner. He, his wife, two sons and daughter, and Lucky the dog live in Utah.

Jessie Peacock‘s work has appeared in Sand: A Journal of Strange Tales, DOGZPLOT, Beyond Centauri, LITSNACK, Skive Magazine, and Calliope Nerve. She writes with two dogs in her lap and blogs at

Stella Pierides ( and @stellapierides) grew up in Athens, Greece. She now divides her time between London and Munich. This European background underpins her work. Her poetry and short stories have been included in anthologies, in print and online magazines, and elsewhere. Her novel “Alexandrias 40: In the Shade of the Lemon Tree” will be published by Vox Humana Books in 2011.

Meg Pokrass is the author of “Damn Sure Right” (Press 53 )and serves as Editor-at-Large for BLIP Magazine (formerly Mississippi Review) and before that, for SmokeLong Quarterly. Her stories, poems, and flash fiction animations have appeared in nearly one hundred online and print publications. Meg lives with her small family and seven animals in San Francisco, website at

Kim Pollard is a photographer who lives in Blairstown, NJ with her husband and two children. She concentrates mainly on Nature Photography because she loves the way nature is always changing. She feels that every season here is so varied and challenging so she never runs out of unique things to capture with her Canon. Kim has spent the past year entering her work in both local and international competitions such as Skylands and the Chelsea International Fine Arts Competition. She had a solo show in January at the Gourmet Gallery in Blairstown and is also a featured photographer on Kim’s art is featured in Week #51 – Unintended ConsequencesYou can view more of her work online at

Martin Porter was born and brought up Jersey before leaving to move to the winterless north of New Zealand.  He is founder and continuing remote member of an innominate writing group in Jersey, occasional performer and experienced lecturer, and occasional prize winner in local poetry competitions. Some of his work can be seen on Take Flight – Writers in Whangarei.

Matt Potter is an Australian-born writer who has spent the last two years living between Adelaide, Australia and Germany (and particularly Berlin), perhaps following the summer. Also a social worker and an English language teacher, Matt is inspired by the discipline of others and their sense of enjoyment, and wishes both would rub off on him. Matt has been published at The Glass Coin, with stories coming out soon at A-Minor and Gloom Cupboard, and contributes regularly to F3 (Flash Fiction Friday) and the blog carnival > Language > Place. You can find more of his work at his website, writing, and then some.

Shelagh Power-Chopra likes to write and dabble in photography. She also runs an online vintage shop. More of her work can be read at said object.

Angelique Moselle Price is an artist based out of Nashville, Tennessee, and exhibits her originals, prints and clothing all over the world. She has been published in various magazines including “Poets and Artists”, “Tattoos for Women”, and “International Tattoo.” She also has been featured on the websites of Juxtapoz , Red Bubble, Deviant Art, and won the artist website competition for She also won the Curators Choice award for “Art of the Nude.” Most recently she won the SoJie award for “Originality in Traditional Art” for Her art is featured in Week # 29 – The Palm of Your Hand and Week #42 – Under wraps, and more of her work can be seen at her site Eliq Art.

Darryl Price was born in Kentucky and educated at Thomas More College. A founding member of Jack Roth’s Yellow Pages Poets, he has published dozens of chapbooks, including a dual chapbook with Jennifer Bosveld, founder of Pudding House (the largest literary small press in America), and had poems in journals including The Bitter Oleander, Cornfield Review, Allegheny Poetry, Wind, Out of Sight, Paper Radio, The West Conscious Review, Pudding, Metazen, Cap City Poets, Doing It, Prick of the Spindle, Olentangy Review, Fourpaperletters, LITSNACK and the Green Fuse.

L. J. Prewett lives in Auburn, Alabama, but is a native of Lexington, Kentucky and has lived in five SEC towns (oh! The humanity.) A criminal defense attorney, now a full time writer, Prewitt enjoys walking with two Bernese Mountain Dogs. Prewitt’s poetry has appeared in The Cumberland Poetry Review, Now and Then and other publications.  Prewitt’s work has been among the finalists in the Alabama Writer’s Conclave annual contest and the Robert Penn Warren Poetry Prize.  She has also written for the publication For the Defense, the official journal of the National Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Damian Pullen was born on May 16th 1968 but many more important things happened on this day in history. For example, the Campbells Soup company introduced SpaghettiOs (1965), Tony Kakko, Finnish singer, was born (1975), and “Bodacious” the bull died (2000). Bodacious was a legendary bull. Only six men ever completed their professional rodeo rides on this 1800 lbs. of raging Charbray bull. Bodacious was the only bull so feared he was retired to protect the lives of bull riders everywhere.

C.J. Rakay enjoys life in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains in lovely Denver, Colorado.

Frank Rasky is a writer/editor whose career has included broadcasting, journalism, advertising, and corporate communications. An “AmeriCanuck,” he was born in Manhattan, influenced as a youth by the wilds of New Hampshire, lived most of his life in Toronto. May also be found exploring Europe or Ontario’s north country. Likes big ideas that start small and small dogs with big heart – especially beagles. Has been known to be poetic and have a wicked good sense of humor. Online at Fictionaut and TourdeFrank.

Sam Rasnake’s poetry has appeared recently or is forthcoming in OCHO, FRiGG, Oranges & Sardines, Shampoo, BOXCAR Poetry Review, Press 1, BluePrintReview, Metazen, Corium Magazine, Otoliths, and Naugatuck River Review, as well as the anthologies Best of the Web 2009 (Dzanc Books) and Deep River Apartments (The Private Press). His third poetry collection, Inside a Broken Clock, will be published by Finishing Line Press in 2010.

John Riley’s stories and poems have appeared in Fiction Daily, The Dead Mule, The Centrifugal Eye, Conteonline, Soundzine, SmokeLong Quarterly and other journals. He lives in North Carolina where he works ridding himself of opinions. He thinks others should do the same.

Annette Rohde lives in Adelaide, Australia and has always wanted to be a writer, amongst other things.

Jen Rose is a radio dork that writes stuff. She lives in Orlando, FL and enjoys writing music reviews, experimenting with flash fiction and poetry, and procrastinating on editing past NaNoWriMo novels. Random musings can be found at her blog Divinest Sense or in 140 character bursts on Twitter.

Catherine Russell is currently trying to publish her first novel. She writes short fiction, poetry, and learns more about the craft every day. More of her work can be found at her writing blog.

Peter Schwartz’s artwork has been featured at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery and is currently on display at Stonyfield Café. His digital paintings and photography have been featured in such journals and online lit sites as Failbetter, Red Wheelbarrow, Hobart and International Poetry Review. He is the art editor for Dogzplot. His art is featured in Week # 43 – To the core. His photography can be seen at:

Angel Sharum shares her opinions through non-fiction articles, and her imagination through short stories and poetry. Making a connection, causing people to think and stirring their emotions is what Angel strives for with every reader. Find more of Angel’s work  at her website.

Coleen Shin is a writer/artist living in a great big ole house on the edge of a pretty wood in North Texas. A wanderer of said woods, Ms Shin was once lost for an entire day eventually to be rescued by her husband who stood on top of the house banging on the bottom of a fry pan with a wooden spoon to lead her home. A devotee of the online writing experience, Coleen has been published in many fine online and print journals. Twice nominated for The Pushcart Prize but not selected, she has created her own prize of tin foil and cardboard called The Go Cart Prize which she presents to herself yearly in a lovely out of doors ceremony at sunset.

Beate Sigriddaughter loves roller coasters, seals, foxes, and wild roses. She has published 2 novels, 1 novella, and prose and poetry in many print and online magazines. She has also established the Glass Woman Prize to honor passionate women’s voices.

Linda Simoni-Wastila lives in Baltimore and blogs at LeftBrainWrite.

Coleen Shin‘s art is featured in Week #24 – Tombstones and Week #35 – Loose Connections.

Duncan Smith is a 39 year old (for four more months) vet and aspiring sailor. He lives on a yacht with lovely wife Kate and three super school-age children in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

Garrett Socol’s fiction has been published in three dozen literary journals.  His plays have been produced at the Berkshire Theatre Festival and the Pasadena Playhouse.  His first collection of short stories, EAR OF LETTUCE, HEAD OF CORN, will be published by Ampersand Books in 2011.

Maggie Sokolik teaches writing at UC Berkeley. She is the author of several textbooks, and lots of stories in her head. She is originally from Olympia, Washington but now lives in the Bay Area.

Michael J. Solender is a recent corporate refugee whose opinion and satire has been featured in The Richmond Times Dispatch, The Winston-Salem Journal, and Richmond Style Weekly. He writes a weekly Neighborhoods column for The Charlotte Observer and is a contributor to Charlotte ViewPoint. His micro-fiction has been featured online at Bull Men’s Fiction, Calliope Nerve, Danse Macabre, Dogzplot, Gloom Cupboard, Full of Crow, Pangur Ban Party and others. Michael’s photography is featured in Week # 39 – Password

Marcus Speh lives in Berlin and writes all over the world. He’s got nothing to flawnt and is hard at work on a novel. He’s been interviewed in Voices and he has created and murdered Finnegan Flawnt who’s published flash fiction at elimaekill authormetazen, bull and other online venues.

Andrew Stancek is a writer and translator who has lived in Bratislava and Toronto before settling in southwestern Ontario.  Some recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in Belletrista, Bartleby Snopes, Apollo’s Lyre and Windsor Review. Currently, in addition to flash, he is working on a series of interconnected stories and a novel.

Steve Stucko is living out his Thoreauvian dreams as a gentleman farmer in southern Vermont with his dog Boat On The Water.

Since completing her MFA at New College of California in 2004, Elizabeth Kate Switaj has published Magdalene & the Mermaids (Paper Kite Press), Shanghai (Gold Wake Press), and The Broken Sanctuary: Nature Poems (Ypolita Press).  She is currently an intern for Irish Pages and a doctoral candidate at Queen’s University Belfast. For more information visit

Heather Taylor lives in banjo land so there’s little entertainment beyond the usual Four F’s which is why  she writes.  She loves rugby games on the telly because then she can hog the computer.  She is middle-aged by today’s standards but funnily enough the crisis is over so she can’t figure that one out. She is enjoying life more than she did when she had no flab and no wrinkles. Her partner is obsessive compulsive on hunting and dishes. They don’t have kids and if they did now they would be in trouble. Instead they rear calves, have chickens and cows and sheep and four dogs. The deck is bigger than the house.

Susan Tepper is the author of “Deer & Other Stories” (Wilderness House Press, 2009) and the poetry chapbook “Blue Edge.” Over 100 of her stories and poems have been published in journals worldwide. Susan had been nominated five times for the Pushcart Prize.  She curates the reading series FIZZ at KGB Bar in NYC, and is Assistant Editor of Istanbul Literary Review. You can find her online at www.

Ann Testa is a medical librarian living in Chicago who sometimes writes things down.

Jennifer L. Tomaloff supplied the photograph for Week #46 – Another World.

D.L. Tricarico lives in San Diego, California, but you can visit him at

Deborah A. Upton lives in Colorado and writes for a hobby.

Robert Vaughan’s plays have been produced in N.Y.C., L.A., S.F. and Milwaukee where he resides. He leads two writing roundtables for Redbird-Redoak Studio. His prose and poetry is published or forthcoming in over 85 literary journals. He was interviewed about Flash Fiction by WUWM’s Lake Effect. His work is included in 6S MIND GAMES anthology. He is a fiction editor at jmww magazine. Flash editor at Thunderclap! His blog:

“A true artist recognizes all forms of art, not just their own.” – says Helen Vitoria,  who lives and writes in Effort PA, and also curates art shows.  Her work appears and is forthcoming in many journals including: PANK, elimae, Dogzplot, Mud Luscious Press, and Dark Sky Magazine. You can find more here:

Virginia Watkins is a teacher and writer who lives in western Massachusetts but dreams of warmer climes. Completely unreliable and a little bit perfectionistic about her writing, she is going to try to do this weekly thing and just see where it goes. She hasn’t submitted any work anywhere for a very long time, so it’s kind of scary.

Michael Webb wishes he were the singer in a rock and roll band. He blogs at Innocents Accidents.

Derek Ivan Webster was raised in a tiny Alaskan fishing village, educated at Yale College,  and is a writer that appreciates a good contrast.  The freelance lifestyle would have long ago driven him mad if not for the balm of his sage wife and their three precious/precocious little conspirators.  Read more at

Eryck Wenziak’s photograph is featured in Week #34 – Floating Away.

Martha Williams lives and writes in the UK, and has had work accepted by Writers’ Forum Magazine, Meridian Writing, Metazen, The Writers’ Bureau, Tomlit, 6s, Nanoism and others. Martha hugs her figments here and at Fictionaut.

Cherise Wolas is a writer, Co-President of Ovie Entertainment, a lawyer, and a fiction editor at THIS Literary Magazine. She is currently working on a novel in stories and a collection of short fictions. Her work has most recently been been published in Lilith, Sex Scene: An Anthology, Negative Suck, and Thunderclap! Press Issue Cinco.

Nicolette Wong is a fiction writer from Hong Kong. Her work has been published in HK, US, UK, Australia, Germany, Italy and India. She is assistant editor of Negative Suck and Dark Chaos, and she blogs at Meditations in an Emergency.

Cecelia Wyatt is a musician who enjoys capturing glimpses of different cultures, especially in Vienna, with her camera. She is the eye behind the photographs for Week # 7 – Broken Camera and Week #9 – Cigarette Smoke in the Car.

Guy Yasko went to Japan as a child and never came home.  He makes a living in the intersection of Japan and the anglophone world, often as a translator.  Besides the stories Guy writes for 52|250, he is also the artist behind the works at Week # 3, Little WorldsWeek #15 – Sleep, Week #27 – Lost in Translation and Week #37 – Border Town. Guy was featured along with Al McDermid in our third quarterly, thirtynine

Erin Zulkoski is from the frozen plains of Nebraska, and is a full-time cardiac device technician. In addition to tinkering with people’s hearts, she reads a lot, writes even more, is engaged in an on-going power struggle with her dog.

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  1. deepee10

    i LOVE ALL OF THESE PEOPLE. Am I allowed to say that? They are reason enough. I mean they provide such inspiration and a wild ride through creative inspiration. It gives you such hope for the world–look at all these incredibly cool people who are already in it. To all of you:thank you for being awesome and sharing your talents with the rest of us. It’s much, much appreciated.

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