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Hello Moon by Abby Braman

This piece was painted a few months ago — I didn’t have anything too specific in mind when I created this. I was listening to one of my favorite bands, Elliott Brood — a dark folk band, and the ambiance of the song just put images of seedy motels out west and dead bodies in the back of someone’s trunk in my head. Not that this piece is super ‘dark’ but I used a bit of that influence from that specific song I was listening to, and Hello Moon was the end result. I enjoy the feeling this piece gives me (and hopefully the viewer), an eerie, yet serene vibe. The kind of vibe that makes you think, “ this is awfully creepy, yet I’d like to walk around in this painting.” It was painted in water color paints on water color paper. My artwork tends to lean towards the dark, yet beautiful atmospheric side.


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