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She knows by aLnym (Aljoscha Lahner)



We would like to thank aLnym for this week’s art. We asked the artist about this piece and this is what he wrote:

This is the first piece of a set of paintings for my portfolio. When I paint I don’t watch the colors which come to me. I basically just watch the saturation and dark- or lightness of the color to match into the painting. The work is a process of painting layers over layers… a technique and style. already present in other pieces, but not as clear. Therefore this work is an important cornerstone for me.

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FeelingBlast by Aljoscha Lahner

FeelingBlast by Aljoscha Lahner

52|250 thanks Aljoscha Lahner for his art, FeelingBlast, for this week’s flash. We asked him to tell us a little more about this piece, and this is what he said:

I created this piece of work when I did my school exams before graduating. As I used to spray a lot of graffiti, mostly characters, I went into a totally different style, breaking with the typical way of drawing with a can. I started without a sketch (freestyle) and used the colours which came into my hands. My surrounding was green under a gray Lübeck (northern Germany) sky in my parents’ garden. When i draw, it doesn’t matter with which particular medium — I mostly let my eyes and my feelings inspire and lead me. Maybe this piece is a mirror of my inner world. The title is certainly a part of me, and came to me today.


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