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The Heart Snatch by Harley May

I scanned the page, reading the words over in my head before I picked up the phone. It clinked against my wedding band and my chest felt wet. Maybe if I read the words aloud and spoke them. That might make me less nervous. I put the phone to my ear, imagined him on the other end, and filled the empty room with my shaky voice.

“This was a lot of fun, but I can’t keep it up. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.” My breath came out quicker. “By anyone, I mean me.”

That sounded bad. “Not that I want you to get hurt. That’s not it at all, but you’re a man. Men don’t get as invested in this type of thing. I know me. I’m still a woman. We aren’t known for separating matters of heart and snatch. So, that’s it. This was fun, but I’ve got to stop before I fall in love with you.”

Too much. The last bit was too much. I scrolled through my phone and found his number, muttering, “Don’t to mention love. You don’t love him. You won’t get that close. Just say what you need to say and hang up.”

I dialed the number, closed my eyes, and saw the words in my dark mind under my lids.

“Hey you,” he said on the other end. “It’s been a while. I’ve missed you.”

After opening my eyes, I sighed. “I’ve missed you, too.”


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