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Two Cups of Tea by Michelle Elvy and Lola Elvy

Ruby loved dragons so much she talked to them during the day, dreamed of them at night, and learned to ride them like the wind. Hers was a world of scales and sky, feathers and fire.

People said Ruby got her imagination from her mother Agatha, but Agatha knew better, for she was a novelist who had written nothing in a decade. Hers was a world divided: then, now; fiction, reality. Where characters once danced in her heart, a dark space and blank page burdened her mind.

One day Ruby told Agatha about the dragons. “They roam the woods,” she said to a raised eyebrow and a whistling kettle. “They wait for me in the trees.” Two cups. “My favorite is the amphithere – he’s iridescent blue with a golden-tipped tail.” Cream and sugar. “He flies and breathes fire, but his most powerful weapon is his tail.” Biscuits, too. “They say he can strike you dead with one look, but that is not true. I’ve seen his eyes. They don’t carry death.”

Agatha lingered on the warm tea and the sunshine in her daughter’s face. Wished she could remember what it felt like to feel so alive with ideas. She sighed as Ruby drained her teacup and flew out the door.

When she glanced out the window, her eye caught something shimmer at the edge of the wood. Golden leaves? Blue branches? She watched Ruby enter the forest, hand held high in a friendly greeting.

And Agatha’s heart danced.


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Nightfall by Lola Elvy

The sun melts
behind purple hills

The moon climbs
on a ladder of hidden stars

A quilt of snow cloaks
the forest floor

Snowdrops glisten
in the bushes

The day’s last loon cries
to her young

                    And then silence.

An owl hoots
The night awakens


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The Food Chain by Lola Elvy

The Food Chain by Lola Elvy



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The Editors of 52|250 wish to thank Lola Elvy for her painting The Food Chain this week, which is a crayon drawing with blue dye.


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Unseen by Lola Elvy

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The octopus lives in an undersea cave
and squirts out black ink to blind the brave.

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