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Honey Bee by Melissa Chadburn

One summer, in a day plump with moisture she went in search for him. The treacherous journey took her through thickly padded bushes, distracted by the unbearable scent of a rose… she stopped. There he stood, his skin exposed. Forgetting her inhibitions, she dove for him. He thrust her toward imminent death. Her sting remained. He was allergic.


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in sixty words or less by Melissa Chadburn

She wakes up sad. She can’t shit. She spreads out the foil. no creases.  folds it in half.  She puts the stuff in the crease. holds a lighter under it. A zippo. then smokes it. Well smokes the smoke.  It’s like kissing god or the kiss of the spider woman or the kiss of death. whatever. a kiss. The end.


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