How It Works

Each week will have a theme associated with it, and you have until Sunday night each week wherever you live to submit your story for that particular week, though you can submit well in advance of the deadline, too. Yeah, we’re tight about some things (251 words won’t get posted) but loose about others (the Editors communicate across the International Dateline, which means we’re already confused enough about which day it is; the point is, send in your entries by Sunday, and they’ll get posted later that week: it’s that simple).

Themes will be posted here and on the 52|250 Facebook Page six weeks in advance (because some things are meant to be tweaked for more than six days, and sometimes you might want to plan ahead, or at least plan to plan ahead even if in the end you still find yourself wooing your muse at quarter to midnight on a particular Sunday night).

You do not have to include a direct reference to the week’s theme in your story. As long as your submission is inspired by the theme, we’re happy that you’re playing along.

Click on Themes to see the themes and the due dates. You will always have at least six themes to choose from—six weeks to plan or procrastinate, whichever suits you.

Note: you do not have to write every week to participate. You may come and go as you please. If you decide to skip one week or two or even three, please come back when you can and join us again. The idea is to generate creativity, not to straightjacket you into compliance.

Thanks for playing! Now go write!

7 responses to “How It Works

  1. guy

    The definition of a word is not consistent from tool to tool. I imagine there could be situations where my /usr/bin/wc -w is giving me 250.

  2. guy

    That was truncated. I meant to write “…is giving me 250 words and something else gives a different count.”

    Thanks for the answer.

  3. Al McDermid

    Are stories based on old themes accepted?

  4. This question was answered in email, but I’ll post it here too so anyone wondering can read it here:

    We don’t post stories from old themes, but anyone can jump in and join the challenge at any point. We welcome newcomers!

  5. Deryn Pittar

    Can it be under 250 words? Or must it be exactly 250 words?

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