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13 May 2011. Our Year of Flash has come to an end. Thank you all for participating with such tremendous enthusiasm. Since May 2010, we’ve published over 1500 stories and poems and 175 authors and artists have participated.  What a fabulous journey this has been.

A toast to us all!


May 2011. Dorothee Lang’s book WOR(L)DS APART: The Intersecting Journeys of Friends Who Never Met, written with Smitha Murtha, will appear in summer 2011. Published by Folded Word, it is a book about a friendship across cultures, and the insights it evokes. Congratulations, Dorothee!

April 2011Frequent Flasher Ryder Collins has found a home for Homegirl  at Honest Publishing. You can read more about it here. Congrats, Ry! 

Janary 2011. We proudly announce that five of 52|250’s writers have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize this year. Congratulations to Susan Gibb, Sam Rasnake, Susan Tepper, Marcus Speh and Michelle Elvy for these nominations.

Gibb,  Descriptions

Rasnake, Studies in Window

Tepper, Glue

Speh, Cahiers du Cinema

Elvy,  Almost There

*  *  *

52|250 stories are published!

DOUG BOND‘s “Dómine, non sum dignus” (week #46 Another World) made its way into Referential Magazine, “The Thing that filled first” (week #32 Silence) was published in Used Furniture, “Sometimes there was no air” (week #31 Missed the bus) came out in LITSNACK, and “Where the Ocean Ends” (week #23 Long lines) appeared in Necessary Fiction. Doug also had six other of his stories written hear appear elsewhere recently.

MATT POTTER‘s “Scoop,” “Plan B” and “Congratulations will all be published in an upcoming issue of the Istanbul Literary Review.

LINDA SIMONI-WASTILA‘s “Unfiltered” (week #9 Cigarette Smoke int eh Car) appeared at Linnet’s Wings and her  A ∩ B (Week #10 Union of opposites) appeared in Camroc Press Review.

MARCUS SPEH‘s “Electric Eyes” (week #31 Missed the bus) is appearing in the June 2011 issue of A Tale of Three Cities.

ROBERT VAUGHAN‘s ‘Common Profile Password Users’ (week # 39 Passwordwill be published in June 2011 at  fwriction.

ROBERT VAUGHAN‘s ‘Moving to Los Angeles’  (week #43 To the Core) was published at Pure Slush on April 13, 2011.

MARTIN BRICK‘s  “Just Listen” (“We Are Not Responsible”) shows up in April at

MICHELLE ELVY‘s ‘Urban Longing’ (week #30, Urban Convert) was published at A-Minor April 4.

MATT POTTER‘s  ‘Flaming Beauty’ (week #33, spontaneous combustion) has been published this March at fwriction.

MICHELLE ELVY‘s Stay, which she wrote for week #34 – Floating away, appears in the spring 2011 Ramshackle Review.

ROBERT VAUGHAN‘s “The Wedding March” ( week #28 The Palm of Your Hand) was published at LITSNACK in February.

ROBERT VAUGHAN read his story “Figurines” (week #32 Silence) on the Flash Fiction Friday monthly radio show: WUWM Lake Effect, February 2011 WUWM: Lake Effect – Flash Fiction Friday: Families & Tension

A version of CATHERINE RUSSELL‘s story that she wrote for breadfruit, 52|250’s first week, is published at Lightning Flash Magazine, January 2011.

MICHELLE ELVY has three of her 52|250 stories appearing in the January 2011 issue of Istanbul Literary Review under the titles Time to Rest and Two Landscapes.

LINDA SIMONI-WASTILA‘s story ‘Wolves and Butterflies’ appears in the January 2011 issue of Istanbul Literary Review.

LINDA SIMONI-WASTILA kicks off January with a bang, with several of her stories appearing elsewhere online: ‘The Golden Moment’ will appear in the next issue of THUNDERCLAP! ‘Wolves and Butterflies’ will appear in the Spring issue of The Istanbul Literary Review. And ‘Rules for Surviving Eight Grade; will be out in the next t issue of ECLECTIC FLASH.

KIM HUTCHINSON‘s  story ‘Sins of the Father’ (the postcard)  is appearing in the winter issue of Divine Dirt.

KIM HUTCHINSON tops our news at the end of December with seven flash fiction stories that have recently been published, many of them originally written for 52|250. You can find her flash at places like A-Minor, Used Furniture, Wufniks, redlionsquare, litsnack, The Glass Coin, Thunderclap and Pure Slush.

MICHELLE ELVY‘s ‘Peach and My Chevy’ — originally titled ‘Fill ‘er up’ (I can’t wait) — appears December 27, 2010 at A-Minor.

MARCUS SPEH‘s ‘You said it’ (the last time) was published in Used Furniture while ’20:46 Chongqing China’ (little worlds) and ‘El Asesino’ (lost in translation) came out in Metazen’s Christmas Charity e-book.

ELIZABETH KATE SWITAJ‘s stories ‘Antlers’ (allergic reactions) and ‘Venison’ (red meat) were published in the Appetite issue of Cliterature.

CHRISTIAN BELL‘s ‘Firecrackers’ (long lines) is published in Blue Print Review‘s identity issue.

MATT POTTER‘s ‘Verboten’ (Week #15: we are not responsible) will appear in an upcoming issue of  Used Furniture Review.

SUSAN TEPPER’s ‘Rug’ is out at Used Furniture November 30, and so’s MICHELLE ELVY‘s ‘The Chair’ (least favorite).

MATTHEW A. HAMILTON‘s story ‘My Girlfriend’s Birthday’ (breadfruit) is out in LitSnack!

DOUG BOND has been tearing it up, with 8 of his 52|250 pieces being published all around. His latest is ‘Petshop Girls’ — now available for viewing at Referential Magazine.

MARTIN BRICK‘s ‘Early in the Fall’ (I can’t Wait) will be published in Staccato on MONDAY, October 26.

MARTHA WILLIAMS‘ ‘Sand’ (Lovelies on the beach) is coming out this fall in Litsnack.

STEPHEN HASTINGS-KING‘s ‘Arthur Parsing’ (union of opposites) was published on October 18 in Metazen.

ELIZABETH KATE SWITAJ‘s story ‘Summer Camp’ (Space Camp) has appeared at The Fringe.

SAM RASNAKE‘s poetic take on Breadfruit, written back in our first week, is published in the September-December 2010 issue of Press 1 (read all three poems; you’ll see why it’s flashy news when you get to the third one).

LINDA SIMONI-WASTILA‘s ‘A ∩ B’ (union of opposites) has been picked up by Camroc Press Review and will appear in early October… watch for it!  And LINDA SIMONI-WASTILA’s ‘Flying to the Moon’ and ‘The Cutting Edge’ are featured together in the e-journal Escape into Life.

MICHELLE ELVY‘s ‘Remedy’ (red meat) appeared on September 20 in A-Minor.

SARA LIPPMAN‘s ‘Fallen Souffle’ (fancy me) is coming out in the fall print issue of NANO Fiction.

LINDA SIMONI-WASTILA‘s story ‘Second-hand Video-Cam’ (broken camera) appears in the summer issue of BluePrintReview.

MICHELLE ELVY’s ‘A Knobby Thing’ (breadfruit) was published in late June in Like Birds Lit and ‘French Kiss(union of opposites) appeared July 19 while ‘Twins’ (corrected vision) appeared August 8 at Sleep.Snort.Fuck. ‘Bedtime Story’ (cigarette smoke in the car) is featured in the August edition of Gloom Cupboard.

Other Flash News from our Authors:


Helen Vitoria has a chapbook of her poetry, Random Cartography Notes, released by Gold Wake Press. It is also up at Issuu.

MATT POTTER‘s short story ‘Meeting Adjourned’ is now featured on Gloom Cupboard.

MATT DeVIRGILIIS‘ short story ‘Krakow Correspondence’ is appearing in Istanbul Literary Review‘s spring edition.

Our Michelle Elvy‘s evocative journey “Latitude Adjustment” appears in the April 2011 Poets & Artists.


GARRETT SOCOL‘s ‘FAME & MADNESS IN AMERICA’ has been published in the new issue of >kill author.

NICOLETTE WONG‘s ‘The Cyclical Night’ is published at LitSnack here.

KEVIN MYRICK has a new chapbook out, You’ve Done Good and Other Stories. Congrats Kevin!

JOHN WENTWORTH CHAPIN‘s story ‘Unfinished Business’ is published at Pure Slush, January 2011.

MATTHEW HAMILTON has two poems published in Istanbul Literary Review’s January 2011 issue.

MARCUS SPEH gets interviewed at Červená Barva Press, January 2011.


MARTIN BRICK‘s short story ‘The perils of thoughtful gift-giving’ appeared at Everyday Fiction this month.

LEN KUNTZ and GUY YASKO were on WUWM radio on January 22.


SUSAN TEPPER interviews MARCUS SPEH on Fictionaut’s Monday Chat, December 27, 2010.

MATT POTTER won the Glass Coin contest Flash Traditions with his non-fiction piece Oakbank Monday.

Susan Tepper is in the news. She’s been nominated once again (her fifth time!) for a Pushcart Prize as well, by Gargoyle Magazine, for her story ‘Glue’ in Issue 56.  Congratulations, Susan!

NICOLETTE WONG has joined the editorial teams of Negative Suck and Dark Chaos. Read her flash fiction ‘Mirage’ in Dark Chaos here. Congrats, Nicole!

MATT POTTER has set up a new site, Pure Slush. He knows all about wank. Just ask him. Or find our yourself, here. Good luck, Matt! Bringing flash fiction to Oz!

MATT POTTER‘s ‘Goose, and not turkey or duck’ will be published in The Glass Coin in December. His story ‘Kitchen Scrap’ will appear in A-Minor in early January and ‘Meeting Adjourned’ will be published in Gloom Cupboard in a forthcoming issue.

MICHAEL WEBB, SUSAN GIBB, JEFFREY MILLER and DOROTHEE LANG are included in MiCrow’s Winter Issue, Void. Congrats to Michael Solender and all the writers and artists in this wonderful edition.

We ended November with the news of SUSAN GIBB‘s Glass Woman Prize, and we open December with the news of MARCUS SPEH being nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Sam Rasnake over at Blue Fifth Review.

October and November were big months for 52|250 writers (Matt Potter, Susan Tepper, Michael Webb, Marcus Speh, Susan Gibb, Doug Bond, Martin Brick, Martha Willams, Stephen Hastings-King, Sam Rasnake, Dorothee Lang, Nicolette Wong, Melissa McEwen. Michelle McEwen. Stella Pierides, and Michelle Elvy all had stories and poems published elsewhere), and December is already looking like a banner month.


Our very own SUSAN GIBB (well, she’s not really ours but we sure do love her writing, here and elsewhere) has won the 8th GLASS WOMAN PRIZE, hosted by another 52|250 regular, BEATE SIGRIDDAUGHTER. CONGRATULATIONS to Susan! You can read her winning story and find out more about the Glass Woman Prize here.

MARCUS SPEH was the featured writer in the final issue of Blue Fifth Review at end of November.

DOROTHEE LANG does cool stuff. Not only does she flash here at 52|250 but she has also recently put together a Blog Carnival about Language and Place, which connects people from all around the globe. Among other writers included in this first-ever Blog Carnival hosted by Dorothee (whose own entry you can read here) you can also read blog entries about connections and disconnections, language, identity, home and living abroad by 52|250 contributors Nicolette Wong, Stella Pierides, Matt Potter and Michelle Elvy. You can find all the Blog Carnival contributors here.

MATT POTTER‘s short story ‘Always Vera’ was published in the November issue of The Glass Coin.


Marcus Speh was busy this month, with ‘Flatulence’ and “Rose Petals’ at Istanbul Literary Review, ‘The Vessel’ at Up the Staircase, and ’10:45 Vatican City, Santa Sede’ at Divine Dirt.

Sam Rasnake, Melissa McEwen and Michelle McEwen are among the poets featured in the November collaboration issue of Poets and Artists.  Go here to view online or here to purchase this especially beautiful “In Pursuit” issue.

MARTIN BRICK‘s story ‘The Perils of Thoughtful Gift-giving’ is forthcoming in Every Day Fiction.

STEPHEN HASTING-KING‘s short story ‘Antenna’ is coming out in Wufniks.



MATTHEW HAMILTON‘s short story ‘November Moon’ is forthcoming in the fall 2010 issue of Black Lantern Publishing and his poem “Leftovers” appeared in the September 21, 2010 issue of  Four and Twenty.

MATTHEW HAMILTON GOT MARRIED! Yeah, we know it’s not about flash fiction, but it’s news worth posting. Congratulations, Matthew and Mavi Luna Hamilton!

MARCUS SPEH‘s story ‘The Serious Writer and His Penis’ became one of the “Best of Metazen“.

MARTIN BRICK’s flash story ‘Self-Portrait in Words (not my medium)’ has been published in the September 2010 issue of 971 Menu.

MARCUS SPEH‘s story ‘asthmatic’ is out at A-Minor and his story ‘little people’ appears in September in Emprise Review.

BERNARD HEISE and MICHELLE ELVY both presented flash stories at the Sept 1 PechaKucha evening in Whangarei, New Zealand, to a crowd of 250 and discovered that flash lends itself very well indeed to live performance.


CATHERINE RUSSELL started a tag “52250” at Audioboo. This is a great way to promote your flash in mp3 format. Catherine encourages others to try it. Audioboo is a free site where you can post audio of your stories. A post must be less than 5 minutes long — which should not be a problem for any of the 52|250 stories!

MARCUS SPEH has a one-sentence story ‘family feud’ published in Monkey Bicycle in August.

MICHELLE ELVY‘s creative non-fiction story ‘Almost There’ appears in the summer issue of Blue Print Review.


CATHERINE RUSSELL‘s flash story ‘Doomed ‘was published in the July 31st issue of  ‘Flash Me’ magazine and  ‘A Hell of a Job’ will appear in the upcoming ‘Best of Friday Flash’ anthology later this year.

Editors’ News:

twentysix is here… Just in time for Boxing Day. 26.12.10.

November: twentysix is coming. Stay tuned, all you flashers!

13 October: Check out the especially cool November issue of Poets and Artistswhich features artist Angelique Moselle Price, whose artwork Magic Land by Eliq & Kids graces week #29 – The palm of your hand.

October 2010. Not sure where to put this, since it’s about poetry not flash. But it’s so darn cool we just gotta share. Sam Rasnake’s poetic take on Breadfruit, back in our first week, published at Press 1 (read all three poems; you’ll see why it’s flashy news when you get to the third one).

7 September: thirteen is HERE!   

Check out 52|250’s first Quarterly Review, which includes the best 52 stories from the first thirteen weeks, plus an interview with an artist, some new stories written especially for this publication as we feature our most frequent flashers, and new stuff from Your Eds as well. Thank you all for making this such a great place to read and write!

3 September: Happy Labor Day weekend to all of you stateside flashers. Happy thirteen weekend to everyone, wherever you are… coming your way MONDAY.

26 August: Watch for thirteen! That’s right:  our first quarterly review is coming your way early September. Featuring high points of 52|250’s first thirteen weeks with your Editors and fellow flashers all in one dazzling package. Stay tuned…

13 August: Space Camp Special. As part of our Space Camp week (Week # 13), we had one special submission from Kevin Myrick. Here we bring you photos from a boy at real Space Camp.

8 August:  ‘just a moment’ Blue Print Review Blog mentions 52|250’s flashes at Sunday Reading and on July 19 in a special mention of Union of Opposites.

6 August:  52|250 is growing! Keep checking this space for news of the 52|250 Quarterly Journal. Stories, interviews, and more. First issue due out September 2010.

If we have anything to share, like the Fictionautinterview after our first week of stories back in May, we’ll put it here. The interview is old news by now, but it might be new to newcomers.

Also, check out the July 12 issue of the Daily s-Press to see the attention given 52|250 for the special Summer Edition of this cool blog. Thanks for Dorothee Lang for the mention and attention. We think some new writers came our way during Week #10 as a result of that mention!

13 responses to “News Flash

  1. To Matthew, Linda and Michelle for these acceptances– Well done !

  2. Congratulations, everyone!

  3. The Space Camp photos are great! I would have loved to be able to go when I was a kid (well, now too)…

    Thanks for sharing them!

  4. Those photos are precious, Kevin! Loved them, and loved your story.

    And congrats all on finding homes for your flashes! Peace…

  5. Pingback: Claire King | Head in the clouds, feet on the ground.

  6. Congrats all! Love the BUZZ!

    I gotta wait until MONDAY? Jk. It’s my hubber’s birthday, I guess I’ll flash him. lame. I know. Peace y’all…

  7. Darryl P.

    You guys are doing it right. You have heart and soul. I’m very proud to know you and honored to be able to participate in your creative impulses here and elsewhere.On behalf of the writing community I share things with thank you. We’re lucky to have you doing what you do. You’ll always have my full support. Your friend and poet pal, Darryl P.

  8. Matthew

    My “Breadfruit” story is finally up at LitSnack.

  9. Barbara Lucy Hosken

    I have been awarded the Barhil Trophy for publication of most poetry during the year by International Writers’ Auckland. Thought you might like to know.

  10. wow, thanks for featuring my news and SO happy to see all the other people doing well, in particular all those wonderful, wonderful stories getting published. michelle, walter, john: a big thank you to all of you, your taste, your energy and your efforts. invest that extra global karma wisely. buy booze. german bear hugs!

  11. Barbara Lucy Hosken

    Great year! Merry Christmas to everyone.
    Lotsoluv, Barbara Lucy

  12. Michelle,

    Congratulations on your Pushcart nomination! I’m so happy for you!

  13. Barbara Lucy Hosken

    Wow. I’ve just read all the successes. I’m impressed. i’ll have to try better next year and get a few more published! lostaluv t’yall.

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