What is a theme?

A theme is not a prompt. Which means your story does not have to include the word(s) but should evoke the idea.

Use the theme in any way you desire. You may use it like a prompt and include the words if you want, but you can also interpret it as broadly and creatively as you desire.

Why do we have themes?

To get the juices flowing, to massage our muse, to tickle our storyteller. And to witness and partake in unpredictable variety and creativity as we go.

Who makes up the themes?

You. Anyone can submit a theme. Please do so by sending us an email at 52250challenge [at] gmail [dot] com with the word THEME in the subject line, or by finding us on Facebook and sending us a message there with your theme submissions.


Reminder: stories are due on SUNDAYat midnight in whatever time zone you reside!

The Year of Flash has come to a close: we’re not accepting submissions. Please check out Baker’s Dozen: thirteen extraordinary things.

Old Themes

Week #1 due May 16, 2010 “breadfruit” (theme by Lesley Davison)
Week #2 due May 23, 2010 “fancy me” (theme by Gerda Reeb)
Week #3 due May 30, 2010 “little worlds” (theme by Frank Hinton)
Week #4 due June 6, 2010 “cartography” (theme by Chris Ely)
Week #5 due June 13, 2010 “lovelies on the beach” (theme by Walter Bjorkman)
Week #6 due June 20, 2010 “The Balance of Terror” (theme by Tim Murphy)
Week #7 due June 27, 2010 “Broken Camera” (theme by Guy Yasko)
Week #8 due July 4, 2010 “Corrected Vision” (theme by Bernard Heise)
Week #9 due July 11, 2010 “cigarette smoke in the car” (theme by John Wentworth Chapin)
Week #10 due July 18, 2010 “Union of Opposites” (theme by Catherine Russell)
Week #11 due July 26, 2010 “Red Meat” (theme by Susan Tepper)
Week #12 due August 2, 2010 “allergic reactions” (theme by Frank Hinton)
Week #13 due August 9, 2010 “Space Camp” (theme by Catherine Russell)
Week #14 due August 15, 2010 “I can’t wait”
Week #15 due August 22, 2010 “Sleep” (by Kelly Grotke)
Week #16 due August 29, 2010 “busy at work” (by Harry Schwirk)
Week #17 due September 5, 2010 “We are not responsible” (by Al McDermid)
Week #18 due September 12, 2010 “Lucky Number” (by Nancy McKeown)
Week #19 due September 19, 2010 “The Last Time” (by Linda Wastila-Simoni)
Week #20 due September 26, 2010 “Rivals” (by Matt Potter)
Week #21 due October 3, 2010 “unseen” (by Dorothee Lang)
Week #22 due October 10, 2010 “The brutality of friends” (by James Lloyd Davis)
Week #23 due October 17, 2010 “Long Lines” (by Michael Webb)
Week #24 due October 24, 2010 “Tombstones” (by Susan Tepper)
Week #25 due October 31, 2010 “Least favorite” (by John Wentworth Chapin)
Week #26 due November 7, 2010 “Bad haircut” (by Guy Yasko)
Week #27 due November 14, 2010 “Lost in translation” (by Gerda Reeb/Frank Rasky/Marty Brick)
Week #28 due November 21, 2010 “the postcard” (by Dorothee Lang)
Week #29 due November 28, 2010 “The Palm of your Hand” (by Walter Bjorkman)
Week #30 due December 5, 2010 “Urban convert” (by Al McDermid)
Week #31 due December 12, 2010 “Missed the bus” (by Susan Gibb)
Week #32 due December 19, 2010 “Silence” (by Randal Houle)
Week #33 due December 26, 2010 “Spontaneous combustion” (by Walter Bjorkman and John Wentworth Chapin)
Week #34 due January 2, 2011 “floating away” (by Doug Bond)
Week #35 due January 9, 2011 “loose connections” (by Martha Williams)
Week #36 due January 16, 2011 “Animal Behavior” (by Michelle Elvy)
Week #37 due January 23, 2011 “border town” (by Guy Yasko)
Week #38 due January 30, 2011 “Long distance” (by Matt Potter)
Week #39 due February 6, 2011 “Password” (by Tim Murphy)
Week #40 due February 13, 2011 “The Money’s Gone” (by Michael Webb)
Week #41 due February 20, 2011 “Coincidence” (by Susan Gibb)
Week #42 due February 27, 2011 “under wraps” (by Doug Bond)
Week #43 due March 6, 2011 “To the Core” (by Lesley Davison)
Week #44 due March 13, 2011 “Crowd” (by Guy Yasko)
Week #45 due March 20, 2011 “broken shells” (by Marcus Speh)
Week #46 due March 27, 2011 “Another World” (by Doris Dembosky)
Week #47 due April 3, 2011 “blind spot” (by Joanne Jagoda)
Week #48 due April 10, 2011 “tainted love” (by Alexandra Pereira)
Week #49 due April 17, 2011 “Cold front” (by Duncan Smith)
Week #50 due April 24, 2011 “Home sweet home” (by Kate Smith)
Week #51 due May 1, 2011 “unintended consequences” (by Doug Bond)
Week #52 due May 8, 2011 “threesome” (by John Wentworth Chapin, Michelle Elvy, & Walter Bjorkman)

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  1. I see so many of my flasher friends here, I think I’ll send something in!

    Salvatore Buttaci,
    author of Flashing My Shorts

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