What’s Next?

April 2011

Hello Flashers and Friends!

It is with great sadness that we see our year of flash coming to an end because —  wow! – what a grand year! But we’ve become so accustomed to reading and curating excellent writing that we’ve cooked up the Next Big Thing after 52|250.

And so we announce…


thirteen reasons to love short fiction and poetry

Baker’s Dozen is a new quarterly e-zine which will be in part an extension of 52|250.  The first issue will come out September 2011. Each issue will feature thirteen pieces (52 in all by year end: yeah, we love those numbers). The zine will be open to submissions from all but we are keen to read new works from 52|250 contributors. We’ll therefore be looking for, among other things, stories which have grown out of any of your flashes written for this year’s challenge. If you started something here which you feel compelled to take further, Baker’s Dozen just might be the place for you. We’re also planning other story, poetry, and interview features.

The first reading period will begin just after the close of 52|250 and will last two months.  We will send out a call for submissions along with an email address and other relevant info after we wrap 52|250 and catch our three-headed breath.

We are excited to create something new, something which will grow out of this special community. Thank you all for making this a wonderful place to read and write.


Your 52|250 Editors,

Michelle Elvy    John Wentworth Chapin    Walter Bjorkman

10 responses to “What’s Next?

  1. This new idea is very cool! But do take some time to catch your breaths, as you say.

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  4. Juliella Parsons

    Thank you.

  5. Will look out for the new developments.

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  7. Cheri Ause

    Congratulations and thank you for 52 weeks down and a whole new year of writing to look forward to!

  8. K

    Thank you for all of your time and efforts with 52/250, it has been a true pleasure to participate in this. I look forward to this new adventure!

  9. Naomi Karlin

    How do I submit to Baker’s Dozen? What is the website-can’t find it.

  10. Hi Naomi — Updates coming this month. We’ve been taking a break after a fast-paced year. Baker’s Dozen is shaping up, and we’ll put out a call for submission very soon with posts here, there, everywhere. Thanks for your interest! Stay tuned… -Michelle Elvy

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