Submission Guidelines

Who can submit

You. We are equal opportunity. We like newcomers and experienced writers and everything in between—anyone with a voice and a pen can give it a go. There’s no submission fee, no age limit, no complicated rules. You only have to follow a few simple guidelines to ensure your story is considered with the utmost care by 52|250’s Editors. Everything you need to know is here (and do please note the italics and bolds which are especially important).

How to Submit

  • Send in electronic submissions only, in an email to: 52250challenge [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Write Submission: [week # / theme] (that is, name the theme, as in: Submission: Week #1 / Breadfruit) in the subject line so we can see which theme you are writing about.
  • Place your story in the body of the email. No attachments, please.
  • Include the title of your story, your name, and the whole text in the email. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, esp if you have an email address like spth13@… We need an author name, since “Breadfruit by spth13” is a little odd, even in this electronic age.
  • Please format your story as we do on the Weekly Flash page:  double spacing between paragraphs and no indent on paragraph beginnings.
  • Provide a brief biographical blurb about yourself that can be included on our Authors and Artists page, if you are a first-time flasher.
  • Submit any week’s piece by Sunday at midnight, your timezone, wherever you are.
  • Remember to count: 251 won’t do.
  • No payment other than publication.  Rights revert to author upon publication, although 52|250 does reserve the right to anthologize, in printed or electronic format, material originally published here.

Stories are released weekly on Friday.

Please direct any questions to us at 52250challenge [at] gmail [dot] com

Ready… Set… Go!

6 responses to “Submission Guidelines

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  2. piet nieuwland

    What is the theme next week ?

    ka kite ano

  3. Hi Piet — click on Themes and you’ll find the next six weeks of themes… we update it every week, so you can work somewhat in advance. This week we are writing about Lucky Number.

  4. Deryn Pittar

    Themes run out on 28th ;November 2010, It’s now the2nd December. Have things stops for the year?

    • Hi Deryn —

      I’m not sure what you mean — at the top of the list we always have the next six themes. The bottom of the list is an archive of old themes. Is this perhaps where you were looking?


  5. My friend Doris is telling me that this is great fun, so I think I should try it as well.

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