Over Breakfast by Matthew A. Hamilton

She suspected her husband of having an affair.  She didn’t want to hire a private investigator or follow him around herself. She simply wanted to confront him with it. She’d be able to tell if he was lying. After twenty years of marriage it wouldn’t be hard to do.

She waited for him to come down for breakfast.

“Morning, sweetheart?” she said.

He poured his coffee and sat down at the table, flipped open the paper. “Morning. What’s got you so high today?”

“I need to talk to you about something. Can you put the paper down?”

He folds it in half, puts it on the table. “Is it going to take long? I need to be at work in an hour.”

She placed a plate of muffins on the table, butter and jam. “Nope, shouldn’t take long.”

He grabbed a muffin. “Well, what is it?”

“Are you seeing someone? You come home late, you didn’t use to do that, and you don’t seem happy with me anymore.”

He nervously stuffs a piece of muffin in his mouth, chews slowly. “No, honey, why would you think such a thing? “It’s just work, been really busy these last few months.”

She pulled out one of his shirts. “You’re lying!” she screamed. “See this? This is not my lipstick on the collar.”

He couldn’t talk, couldn’t move. His throat closed up. His tongue swelled. And before he closed his eyes she whispered in his ear, “Almonds. In the muffins.”

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3 responses to “Over Breakfast by Matthew A. Hamilton

  1. Seems like she’d made up her mind before the interrogation! Ingeniously evil. :)

  2. Oooh, what an evil lady. Shouldn’t take long. Right. Love it! Peace…

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