Friday the Thirteenth, by Catherine Russell

On Friday the thirteenth, everything went wrong.

The day started out hectic. Dave went in to work at the Army base, although he’d need to leave before the day was through, and Judy’s family arrived at the apartment early to help prepare for the big day. She adjusted the puffy white dress and veil and waited anxiously for her husband-to-be to return.

When he finally arrived, out of breath and anxious, he explained how his sergeant had screwed up. While Dave had barely escaped, his class A uniform hadn’t. After a hurried trip to the mall for a tie to go with the mismatched clothes he’d borrowed, the wedding party arrived at the Courthouse with minutes to spare.

The groom actually said I do four times because the Judge paused for long periods while reciting the ceremony. When she did reach the point that required his response, silence stretched for a full minute before his final answer.

The bride waited until the Judge finished speaking.

Everyone rode back to the apartment for cake and conversation. When confections and family were gone, Dave took Judy in his arms and they both thanked fate they were lucky enough to find each other.

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8 responses to “Friday the Thirteenth, by Catherine Russell

  1. made me smile – well told. i like the up and down all the way from the opening sentence to the final calming down.

  2. I recently heard of a tradition that a bad weeding made for a good marriage, so you got 2 smiles out of me with this.

  3. This is a great example of what really matters. :)

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  6. Like it. Often it’s the day everything goes wrong we remember forever, and it makes everything right.

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  8. Very nice! I felt anxious along with the bride and groom, and happy that it all ended well despite the obstacles.

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