The Sisyphean table by Guy Yasko

I see you start with the pickled vegetables. That probably means one
of two things: either you like them or you don’t. Are you trying to
get them out of the way, to clear your palate for what you prefer, to
justify pleasure with suffering? But can you be certain you’ll get to
the pleasure? There is a small chance that you will die before
reaching what you like. Unlikely, yes, but would you want to go out
with an unpleasant taste in your mouth? In any case, a proper host
will replenish your supply. Deferment of pleasure then becomes
infinite. You fill up on what you dislike, or even if you do like
something, you’ll pickle your tongue and you’ll lose your taste for
any of the more delicate entrées. And in any case, as a proper guest
you’re too polite to say that you don’t like something. Don’t tell
me. I know already: it’s all simply wonderful. More wine?


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9 responses to “The Sisyphean table by Guy Yasko

  1. Al McDermid

    So Japanese. Reminds me of visiting my mother-in-law’s, where she always serves one of three things. LOL Nicely done.

  2. Ha ha … so darkly funny beneath the sociable veneer. But you can’t fault the logic! Very apt.

  3. Extreme insight into the human psyche on eating. Wonderfully well done!

  4. Nice train of thought here. Perhaps the wine should have been offered first! :)

  5. Kelly Grotke

    bitter and unpleasant the first time but the taste does grow on you, hehe

  6. Pitch-perfect. I thought of my kids while reading this — my son eats the least fave first, my daughter saves it for last. I, of course, eat everything. Very wry. Peace…

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