Urban decay by Guy Yasko

His walk is a catalogue of resentment. The old places are gone. There is
no one left to go to them.

Josef swings wide to avoid the sidewalk café tables, but not wide enough
to miss the conversation:

— We close on the 11th.

— Condo?

— Yes.

— Assholes.

No one hears.

The joggers are faster in front of the Paris Star. Their eyes focus on
points far away, anything but the words “Danseuses Nues”. Mothers tug
stalled children homeward. Even the dancers themselves make a beeline to
the door before ducking in. Not Josef: “Let them see me.”

At the bar, he argues hockey. He has one beer and leaves.


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8 responses to “Urban decay by Guy Yasko

  1. A great twist–the environment making the transition before the character–well done!

  2. Nice slant on what’s really decaying in the urban landscape.

  3. I like your POV here, Guy and the creativity used to address this week’s theme. The opening line is fantastic and the entire tome has the pallor of your intended narrative. I like the included snippets of overheard dialogue, too. Very nice!

  4. Ennui at its finest. Strong, strong opening, wish I had written it. Peace…

  5. This made me think of Paris…

  6. Kelly Grotke

    what room left for rebellion? but at least decay is a matter of perspective – nice.

  7. guy

    Thanks everyone. The reads and comments are much appreciated.

    Kelly —

    I started this one as a piece about lefty tempests in a teapot of gentrification. In the end, i decided that was too complex for the format. I lifted one of the characters and stuck him in the last outpost of seediness in my old neighbourhood. I guess some of the political satire/self-critique remains in the empty gestures.

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