Long Distance by Darryl Price

Here’s the thing. I never thought you’d
Be swept away from me forever. Some
Grains of you still seem to catch
In my eyes from time to time.
What I’m trying to say is I’m

Sorry that we are no bigger than
flesh. I’d give anything to be in
Your presence without history or seasons having
Been hammered to your heart. I understand
That oceans will continue to live and

Die in our veins, but also clouds
Will rise out of our deeds to
Drench us sooner or later. I want
You to let go of me completely
Now and know that you are loved.


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9 responses to “Long Distance by Darryl Price

  1. Sad, sad, sad and lovely poem

  2. Lovely, moving poem. Full of liquid emotion; fantastic.

    • Darryl P.

      Robert–I want you to know you are greatly appreciated by me. You’ve lifted me when I was very very flat to the ground. Thank you.

    • Darryl P.

      It’s you who is wonderful. I know I’ve told you before, but thank you, for your being, for your invested time in my work, and for your own beautiful works. Much appreciated.

  3. A beautiful elegy. Prayerful. Peace…

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  5. Your imagery here is just wonderful, Darryl. I love the tone it sets, the life and movement of the journey. Nice.

  6. yes to the images and the tone. this feels very complete and not at all as if it should or could go on which is amazing.

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