Safe Room by Catherine Russell

The woman huddled in the corner of her ornately furnished Safe Room, her arms wrapped arout her shoulders, hugging herself. After a lifetime spent seeking fame and fortune, she wished to God she’d settled for fortune alone. Wealth had provided her with the safe room discreetly hidden behind a false wall, alarms, monitors, and security cameras discreetly hidden in every room.

Fame inflicted her with the home invaders that now rendered her security useless. Through the monitors and impregnable steel walls, she viewed the intruders – faces hidden by ski masks, guns at the ready. They methodically searched the house, until they stood outside her little boy’s room where Dylan cowered beneath his bed.

Clutching his teddy in her hands, she reached out and typed the password that would take her to her son.


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13 responses to “Safe Room by Catherine Russell

  1. Al McDermid

    A chill when I realized she was safe and the boy wasn’t, then another typed in the password. Very effective, but then, the ‘true monsters’ stories always get to me.

  2. That is truly heart-wrenching. I can’t imagine hiding without my kids though. Terrifying

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  4. adampb

    So very chilling and heart-breaking. Very well told.
    Adam B @revhappiness

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  6. Wow, now that was chilling. The price some pay for fame.

  7. Tom O'Connell

    Chilling seems to be the word, and how true.
    Very troubling piece, nicely conveyed. I don’t like where you took me, but the writing took me just the same.

  8. You may have needed to expand this a bit just to allay our horror at her having gotten into the safe room and left the boy behind. Though I’m sure this is all part of her careful planing but I think we may need to see it. Awesome concept and you’ve certainly hit on our greatest fear being reality.

  9. Alexandra Pereira

    Chilling story, with a hopeful ending. :-)

  10. gave me goosebumps. i just want to know now — did she perish with her son, or did they both get out alive? peace…

  11. My goodness, what a piece! So scary, so real in its life-like fiction. I thought of that “Sophie’s Choice” moment where she has to choose. How that would feel for a mother. Life’s greatest tragedy possibly.

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