Conformity by Catherine Russell

lost in the herd
just one of the crowd
so the pack
doesn’t prey upon
the one that stands out

For good or ill
-exceptional strength
as well as
The one who stands out
attracts predators
In conventionality lies safety

Even the rebels
the loners
the socially inept
seek out their own kind
for safety lies in numbers

Most stay with the herd


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9 responses to “Conformity by Catherine Russell

  1. Nicely written, Catherine. I like the aloneness, the potential danger, the focus on the single within the many.

  2. so true, too. enjoyed this.

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  4. len kuntz

    nice job. love the last part expecially.

  5. Beautiful in it’s simplicity, an allegory for those who MUST conform! Wear that feather boa to grocery store and let the wolves know who’s the boss!

  6. Dorothee

    Well observed: Even the rebels Form a Crowd. Here’s to individuals and lone Poets. Enjoyed.

  7. we all need each other. great observation, and so nice to see you poem here. peace…

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  9. I like the poetry form used to explore this theme, and as always, your piece is exquisite.

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