The Right Time by Nicolette Wong

The barricades pierce her heart in a blind spot of hope undone. Like a dead bird in the air falling to the battlefield, between distorted faces and arms entangled in blood, dust of broken will that would forever be fooled by a grand promise. Her voice breaks against children’s laughter, ambient music in her studio and the stillness I am trying to hold, over the phone.

‘He called the whole thing off. The photo shoot. The banquet,’ she sobs.

My friend is a sturdy woman with wide shoulders, wavy brown hair and a jolly gait. I imagine her falling flat on the floor, a crucified victim surrounded by curious children. The paint on their hands would dry in an instant when they saw the light had gone out of their teacher’s eyes.

‘Did he say why?’ I ask.

‘He loves someone else. A young man he met at work.’

The man who left purple roses scattered over my friend’s drawing table, to go home and sit between his mother and sister in front of the TV screen? Now he must find his private sphere so he can lock lips with another man who ignites the fire in him, tearing apart the composure he has feigned for years. He will emerge a glistening man, fresh-faced with joy and sanity.

‘I don’t understand why it took so long for him to tell me,’ my friend says.

‘I’m sure things happened at the right time,’ I say.


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9 responses to “The Right Time by Nicolette Wong

  1. Beautiful Nicolette, just beautiful.; “a crucified victim surrounded by curious children.” Thank You for the gift of prose on this rainy Friday morning.

  2. K

    Nicolette – you right so beautifully! This is sheer poetry of words and feeling. I loved this piece, thank you!

  3. You have a way of taking on the 100 pound issues and using language that makes it all somehow lush, lovely, sweeter. This is really a fantastic slice-of-life tale.

  4. This hits hard yet slowly. The relationship now broken, makes us wonder about these people we meet so briefly. Yet we want to be there alongside the narrator for her friend, and secretly rejoice for him too.

  5. Better now than later, poor girl. Great use of metaphor in this.

  6. Alexandra Pereira

    Enjoyed this piece very much… the flow, the images, the feelings… Beautifully written, Nicolette! :-)

  7. So strong. Well written.

  8. len kuntz

    very poetic. you have some wonderful language here:
    “dust of broken,” “jolly gait,” “private sphere,” “He will emerge a glistening man…”

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