Good with the big picture by Matt Potter

Get the angle just right and you can create a pile-up.

I’m the Good Samaritan of Highway 57. Twice I’ve been cited for a Medal of Bravery but I’ve turned it down.

I don’t want the scrutiny medal-giving brings.

I live atop a cliff behind a clump of trees, in a Frank Lloyd Wright knock-off bought in the last property bust. From the balcony you can see for miles across the ocean, and even in winter, as the sun sets, it’s a million dollar view.

But there’s no welcome mat in front of my door and I work long hours in Emergency at the large hospital twenty minutes up the coast anyway.

Have you seen my photo in the paper? I always have a serious expression on my face, am usually in a white coat and probably look completely unapproachable but there I am, and pasted in my scrapbook: Local Doctor Saves Another Life.

I keep it in a secret cavity the Frank Lloyd Wright wannabe designed, under the kitchen floor. Dragging it back from the bushes atop the cliff without gouging the lawn is a challenge, but neatness is next to godliness in my profession.

Catch the glint of the afternoon sun in the large mirror and rush hour on Highway 57 somersaults to a halt. Half an hour later I’m working miracles with battered bodies and there I am in the local newspaper again.

My ex-wife had four children after we divorced.


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9 responses to “Good with the big picture by Matt Potter

  1. You don’t realize what he’s doing until the very end. Great piece.

  2. OMG, you have portrayed a Dr. Jekyll here! Such a precise man. Indeed! I was stunned by the ending. The story has a filmic quality.

  3. So may possibilities…The imagination runs wild. Is this kind of behavior such a great leap for the rest of us? Thank you for sharing.

  4. Read this at Fictionaut–good stuff!

  5. You do creepy really well, especially when it is this matter of fact fictional voice. What a great twist at the end, too.

  6. Alexandra Pereira

    Now there’s a character I would not want to meet! Well done! :-)

  7. len kuntz

    i’ve never read anything like this by you. i like it.

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