Luck by Catherine Davis

52|250 thanks Catherine Davis for her photograph, Luck, this week. We asked Catherine what circumstances led to her picture Luck:

Life on the Petal River near Hattiesburg, Mississippi, was replete with lizards and tree frogs. The lizards most often caught my attention while inside the cottage, being terrorized by a couple of cats. Outside on the deck one afternoon, however, I spied underneath the patio table a bright green tree frog sitting on the shoulder of a bright green lizard. Such strangeness demanded a closer look, needless to say – whereupon I discovered that this was no tree frog at all, and the activity much more intimate than I had imagined.

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12 responses to “Luck by Catherine Davis

  1. guy

    I like it! Such a nice green.

  2. Eryk

    At first I thought it was one lizard in a mirror, until I realized they were doing their “thang!” Great picture!

  3. Catherine Davis

    Thank you guys for looking at “Luck” and the good words. (It’s lucky, you know, to look at luck.) Glad you like, Guy and Eryk.

  4. The color, the image, the way it can be looked at in several ways…so much to enjoy about this one, Catherine! Nice photo to correspond with this week’s theme.

  5. Just to say that I love your photo- sex on the run. We have lizards in Colorado but ours (Lem, Lizzie, Leonard, Larry, Lucy, and more – as though we could possibly tell them apart) are brown – not so striking… but entertaining for sure.

    • Catherine Davis

      Aren’t they entertaining, though! And I suppose it’s better for their health to be brown in Colorado, eh? Thank you for the kind words, TO2.

  6. Great photo, but even greater story!

  7. Walter

    Ah, the far-off look in their eyes, the concrete ambiance, the tender caress on the back, how many takes were there before you got this? – Great match for the week’s theme!

    • Catherine Davis

      Yes, it’s the tender caress on the back that slays me every time. (Wait, I’m talking about those lizards!) Who were absolute pros – I believe we got it in two. My gratitude to you, Walt.

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