She just happened by Darryl Price

to be playing the hell out of
her guitar out of tune and wonky sounding
perfect for the blues at the same
time as this car was pulling out of
the driveway next door to the rosebushes
that only bloomed to one side.And the

telephone pole was sputtering uptop from being
pecked at by a huge black crow when
all of a sudden there was an
enormous pressure drop in the wind outside the
house and her cell rang twice but
no more than that. After which it remained
silent.As she finished her pleating the

rains came and the door banged open and
the porchswing was yanked from its chains
and rolled into the swingset like a jagged
pumpkin- mouthed scarecrow head.She giggled nervously,
the baby wailed and the lights went
out.I was just driving my car

off the bridge when she lit the last
candle and sat down and pressed her
breast into the baby’s face and hummed more
lyrics into its perfect ears. It all
cleared a few minutes later like the same
dream. I floated down the river looking
for a ladder. Or a tunnel to home.


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10 responses to “She just happened by Darryl Price

  1. Wow. Amazing (snap) wide-shot, terrific details. (Love espec the drop in wind pressure, pleating, and the porch-swing.) It just so happened, eh, all that, while he was driving his car off the bridge. Wonderful. Awful? Well, he’s alive, yes?

    • Darryl P.

      I was just reading a bunch of cool stuff on your blog…the next mouse incident…I really appreciate your talent and your time.

  2. Had to reread this; your pacing was so well done that it happened so fast, like the wind itself, and I didn’t want to miss anything of your imagery. Nice!

  3. read the comments above, too and agree – pacing is one of your absolute strengths, apart from a sure hand when it comes to images, situations…and an understanding of soul that is second to none, like a musician really, never strained.

  4. Kim Hutchinson

    The images flash by, sharp and crisp, like a movie montage. Really nice work.

  5. Just a wonderfully composed poem, deep, rich, complex and fraught with lovely imagery, metaphors and a deft hand.

  6. just read it again. and again, it drew me in. what a grand dark hopeful last line: “a ladder. Or a tunnel to home.”

  7. Strong stuff here, and those last two lines. Yes. Peace…

  8. Michael Parker

    Great images thanks to amazing attention to the details of what was being experienced. And like the comments above, your pacing helps this piece read just like the chaotic storm in the poem. “looking for a ladder. or a tunnel home.” Excellent! Love it!

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