Popillia japonica by Guy Yasko

I look at her, admiring how she has aged. Better than the sunset.

She watches the roses.

— Goddamn beetles.

— Another gin and tonic?

No answer.

I want one. I go inside for more ice.

When i return she is picking beetles from the roses. She tosses them on
the patio and crushes them underfoot. Brown stains spread from broken


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6 responses to “Popillia japonica by Guy Yasko

  1. There’s a comfort here that’s soft and subtle.

  2. guy

    Thanks for the read and comment, Susan.

  3. Lou

    Love this. An entire universe in so few words.

  4. Martin

    The sparseness of this piece allows the imagination to work, and yet there is a strong underlying narrative. Fascinating, makes me feel slightly uneasy with its undertone. I particularly like the dialogue, its well handled, brief and to the point. I also like the use of language – there is some nice texture here, just try reading this out loud and it has a pleasing richness.

  5. guy

    Martin, thanks for the feedback on the way it sounds. I try to make it come out that way, but i confess to not actually reading it aloud.

    I am feeling the love, Lou. Danke!

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